Do you want a TRULY HEAL doctor in your area?

The 3rd Edition of the TRULY HEAL protocol

Since releasing our 3rd edition of TRULY HEAL protocol and the associated videos about the app, and mind map we have been inundated with calls and requests for help. We had just this morning 12 calls asking for guidance and direction.

Almost all callers including the 342 emails over the weekend show that there is a massive need for congruent information, educated guidance, scientiffic tests and treatments that are targeted towards the individual. And everybody wants a doctor in their area that does it all.

Reading all these emails makes it obvious that most patients have been on average to over 10 different specialists and none agreed with all the others .

Conventional medicine offers one congruent and conclusive answer. Chemo and Radiation for everything and all doctors agree. No matter how many second and third opinions you get they all prescribe the same. This reflects certainty, while alternative doctors compete with completely opposing diets, muscle tested supplements, and the most exotic treatments and devices.

It's obvious why patients are so confused.

Some doctors have stunning results in healing and restoring just the liver. They do little else and have success with cancer. Others deal with mental issues like Dr. Hamer German New Medicine and show massive results.  I have been to detox clinics that offer nothing else but chelation and IV supplementation and they can show you patients that overcame cancer.

BUT ALL OF THEM hit the target in only 10% to maximum 30% of their patients. All the others have not responded, or had just little improvements. Unfortunately are these clients not advertised while success cases are promoted widely. That's just the nature of things.


How can we increase the success rate and bring back trust and credibility to alternative medicine?

The big problem with cancer is that it is so complex. There are so many contributing factors that can prevent healing or even promote the disease that it can be absolutely overwhelming to get them all.

To help in this process we have been working and searching for a solution that enables every doctor to know everything that is related to cancer and to have this information right at their fingertips.


Think about  a built in guidance and navigation system that helps every health professional:

  • to find all contributing causes,
  • determine the perfect test to set status quo and
  • to find the best suited treatment option for every situation.

For the first time in history we have an all inclusive cancer navigation and treatment program available for health professionals and health coaches and we are ready to launch it soon.

Comments (2)

  • Engela Schoeman

    We stay in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa … are any dr's in our area

  • Gheathscott

    looking for a doctor in the port charlotte, florida, usa 33952 area. please advise and thank you



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