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DENTAL TOXINS (Mercury) as Cause of Cancer and other degenerative diseases!

Dental Toxins (Mercury) as Cause of Cancer and Other Degenerative Diseases


Are you aware of how much toxic mercury really is? Exposure to mercury increased 20 times in the last 20 years, which affected especially baby-boomers. The amounts of mercury in our environment have been drastically increased, starting from the food we eat. Let's consider sea fish at the end of food chain. Big fish like tuna and marlin contain even thousand times higher concentration of mercury than allowed by the World Health Organization. Eating polluted canned tunas can be leather, even in small quantities, because toxins build up in our body.

What is Mercury?

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive poison of all heavy metals. It is 10 times more toxic than lead, 4 times more toxic than arsenic and 3 times more toxic than cadmium. It has a devastating effects on brain, heart, hormones, blood, kidneys, reproductive system, and bones. Exposure to mercury is connected to IQ level, ADHD, hearing loss, damaged nerves, loss of body movements, coma, stupor, high blood pressure, it impairs cell growth, causes fatigue, stomach and abdominal pain, cramping, kidney failure, urinary changes, it damages reproductive system which can cause infertility, slows down bone growth in children… And this is only the beginning of the list.

Hazardous Waste

Mercury is like a ticking time bomb in the mouth, lurking in the mouth. Every product that has mercury in it is declared as a hazardous waste. One seemingly harmless example are spiral lightbulbs. People exposed to fumes after breaking of a lightbulb had to seek medical interventions in hospitals because of the complete body breakdown. Vaccines are another great danger. All vaccines have special instructions how to handle them as a hazardous waste, and because of their extreme toxicity they need to be treated carefully and separately in special containers. And still, we are using both spiral lightbulbs and vaccines. Starting from a very early age when we are not even aware of ourselves, yet alone the extreme danger. How to deal with those issues?

To fill amalgam into the child's or adult's mouth is a criminal act. It's absolutely incredible that all those large pharmaceutical companies can pull through such massive poisoning. Evidence they bring is so horrendously wrong, even when the evidence shows the problems, they still get away with murder in most cases.

The most of mercury pollution we get is from amalgam fillings. Next are the vaccines, followed by seafood, and the lowest one is actually industrial pollution and other forms of pollution. The lowest ones are the ones we are usually the most concerned of, and the highest ones we accept with open hands.

Half-Life of Mercury Can Cut Your Life in Half

The biggest problem with mercury is that it has a half-life of 20-30 years. Our body stores toxins into fat where it can make the least damage, and by doing so it is making the damage even worse. Toxins are stored in brain and other organs, where they slowly keep poisoning us for ages. Mercury is ten times more toxic than other poisons, and to reduce its toxicity to 5 times of other toxins it takes 20-30 years.

Several tests have been made to show the extreme toxicity of mercury. One of them showed the toxic fumes still vigorously going away from a 25 year old tooth. Can you imagine the toxicity of a recently exposed tooth then? Another test showed that radioactive mercury put into a sheep caused extreme and instant pollution of kidneys, liver, jaws and stomach. 26 days after the exposure, whole intestines were polluted. Similar tests have been made with monkey and other animals, only to show the same results. So let's get back to our teeth. We have the same amalgam fillings for 20-40 years. This fact is mind boggling when we realize how toxic teeth stay even when they are old.

Knowing the Lethal Dose

Every poison has a leathal dose. Lethal dose 50 (LD50) means that 50% out of all exposed living beings to toxic material will die. Let's explain this further. Let's consider crematoriums for a moment. Approximately 2-3 grams of mercury are pumped into the air with every corpse that is being cremated. With no filters installed, wind carrying fumes from a crematorium is especially dangerous. 0.3 grams of mercury is a leathal dose for the grown human body, and 0.2 grams of this toxic element can kill a child. Coal burning, coal mining, all create toxins in soil that eventually ends up in our food. If we return to the previous section on hazardous waste, we learned that the industrial pollution represents the lowest danger of all four – the highest are amalgam, vaccines and food. Can you imagine what kind of toxic bomb you have in your mouth?

Dental Problems

Different metals can be found in our mouth: titanium, gold crowns and mercury fillings. With gold being a much higher quality material, it will corrode low quality material beside it. If you have a gold tooth and filling with amalgam beside it, gold will create an electric galvanic reaction – like having a steel post and stainless steel screws where the stainless steel will corrode steel much faster. This process is natural. This is where everything gets even more dangerous.

Two different metals in the mouth will cause huge amounts of mercury to be released in excess intensity. Having mercury without other metals will cause only the release of fumes, still very dangerous, but not as dangerous as two metals combined together. Another problem, when we look at teeth, is that we normally think that when they are filled with mercury, only the enamel itself is filled. To understand this problem better it's necessary to understand how teeth are composed. Tooth is composed of enamel shield (white part), dentin (soft porous material with thousands of small capillaries), pulp, root canal, nerves and blood vessels. When dentists drill through enamel shield into the dentin to put an amalgam silver filling into it, toxins travel through capillaries into your jaw bone. Autopsies performed on corpses showed it's possible to see the exact place where amalgam goes through the jaw bone. This is where everything gets even more dangerous.

Dimethyl Mercury

After exposure, mercury starts to transform your bacteria into nanobacteria. Nanobacteria are living in those fine capillaries of a tooth. If you have root canal filled with amalgam, a toxic poison, your whole tooth is filled up and because of pollution transforms normal bacteria into nanobacteria. Those nanobacterias convert mercury to dimethyl mercury, an organic form of mercury ten times more toxic than normal mercury.

Terrible scandal connected to dymethyl mercury happened in America in 1996 when a scientist and chemistry professor Karen Wetterhahn died from an exposure to dimethyl mercury. Wetterhahn was a specialist in toxins, and even she was not aware of the complete and huge danger she was exposed to. During her testings, one drop of dimethyl mercury dropped on her latex gloved hand. She was aware of the toxicity, pulled the glove off, but didn't believe it can penetrate the latex. 3 months later she developed all of poisoning symptoms. She died with complete degenerated brain, in vegetative state, five months after the exposure. The biopsy showed that her whole brain was eaten up and her whole body was destroyed. All mercury experts were not enough to save her. One drop polluted the whole body.

How to Talk to Your Dentist

What if you have a mercury filling in your tooth? By now you are probably aware of all the danger it can cause. There are two ways to measure how dangerous amalgam really is. First, check which organ is connected to the tooth filled with amalgam (with root canal filling) or has already been extracted (because it was infected or had an abscess). Ask your dentist to take out all teeth filled with amalgam. Sometimes even the big part of bone needs to be drilled to get all mercury residue out of the jaw.

Health problems can be related to your teeth. Pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer – they all can be connected to specific tooth. For example, specific back jaw bone teeth are connected to pancreas, breast, colon, stomach and thyroid problems. Responsible dentists will always try to work it out with you and find if there is a link to your health problem among your teeth. If there is one, you should clean those toxins out. There is always that aesthetic and beauty aspect which might cause reluctance when tooth extraction is needed. The good news is that the bone can be rebuild and there is an option of dental implants. Getting those toxins out of your mouth is crucial.

What Happens when Brain Get's Exposed to Mercury

We already learned that mercury influences the brain. Balance problem, memory problems, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, concentration and focus problems, they are all related to toxicity in the brain. To understand this better, we need to look at a nerve cell. What happens when you are building a new habit or learning new things? At first, you might find some new process thrilling or even stressful – until it turns into a habit or a routine. For a learning process to be built into your brain your body constantly builds new nerve cells. They make possible creating habits that are not stressful anymore, but normal. With every growing nerve cell that connects synapses, process becomes a habit.

Researches showed that a 20 minutes exposure to low concentration of mercury caused rapid degeneration of newly grown nerve cells immediately in the following 30 minutes. No such damage was registered after exposing cells to other heavy metals in same concentrations, such as aluminium, lead or cadmium. During the learning process it takes 10-14 days for new nerve cells to grow and expand. This makes the potency of danger very clear.

Danger for Future Generations

We expose little children to heavy metals when they are just learning new things, when their nerve cells are in rapid process of growth. Children inherit heavy metals from their mothers who are already polluted. That number is very high – they inherit 260-270 toxins, of which 16 are of the highest toxicity – mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, silver. With such toxic mix it is no wonder we are witnessing degeneration instead of acceleration in learning.

Back to Teeth

Tooth is filled with nerve system and blood supply and it is seen as an organ. For example, if there is a problem with an organ like appendix, and if it's not working, we take it out. When teeth are „not working“, we drill the pulp, fill it with toxins and leave it in. But, the dentin and the fine capillaries are filled with blood vessels and nerve system. When you take the tooth out, but leave those capillaries, there will still be bacteria growing inside. It will get in touch with mercury lesions and leach down into the root canal and body. When mercury gets into the body it's creating a very big problem. Plus, mercury in the mouth emits fumes into the surface, which we will again breathe into our lungs.

Ignorance is not Bliss

Brush your teeth. Seriously. When I was a kid my parents didn't care so much about forcing me to create a habit of brushing teeth. I used to sneak out of the bathroom, happy to avoid one more teeth brushing. I went to sleep letting bacteria eat my teeth. Years after, I had a lot of amalgam fillings. And, I had an unconscious dentist that just squeezed them in. He is probably polluted and toxic as much as any other dentist that followed his pattern. Dentists have some of the highest level of toxicity. However, not all of the fillings stayed in place. Some of them crumbled, I spit some pieces out, and my whole mouth looked horrible. They had to drill them out. During that process, there was no awareness of sealing the mouth. However, as soon as mercury gets hot, it starts to create more fumes which I was breathing in. Soon after, my school problems started. Being unable to focus, read, concentrate, memorize or learn, I was taken out of school and transferred to a private one, in order to continue my education. My world stopped and I was only 10 years old. Thankfully, my new teacher realized that it was impossible for me to change from phenomenal to terrible student over night, and brought my parents to awareness that I was poisoned by mercury. I started with chelation treatment and remember it as coming out of the fog and from unconsciousness to consciousness. It was a long process where I was using dozens of ACZ spray bottles as a constant tool, including edible clay and all sorts of other detox agents. To get mercury out of my brain has been an especially slow process, and this is exactly why I am so passionate about preventing mercury to make more victims.

Ignorant Dentists Make it Even Worse

There are people who, as soon as they become aware of the danger, run to their dentist to take amalgam fillings out. Instead of making their health situation better, their problems get even worse. Because of the ignorance. When taking out your amalgam fillings you should be fully protected, with mask on your face and only the part of your mouth being exposed. This is extremely necessary in order not to breathe in the toxic fumes. Dentists should wear masks themselves as well. Mercury can leach under the crown, and to get all of that out, you need a conscious dentist, someone who will protect both you and himself from more exposure to toxicity, and who really knows what he is doing.

Another Schocking Fact

If you have been diagnosed with a mysterious disease – do you really believe it is that mysterious? We can actually know from where our disease is coming from. Let's get back to lethal dose. For example, we have 100 rats and all of them get exposure to mercury. If 1 of them dies, lethal dose is 1. This is where things get very interesting. If we have lethal dose 1 of mercury and add lethal dose 1 of aluminum, it will not create 2 – it will create lethal dose 100. That means that all of them will die.

Did you know that we have 100 times higher lead concentration in our bones, brain and organs than we had 500 years ago? With pollution getting out of control, and so many products containing heavy metals, this doesn't surprise that much. Every time you put a lipstick on, or buy plastic toys, rest assured they are all filled with lead. With so many sources of lead exposure and mercury exposure, our immune system should fight really hard to keep us healthy.

A very interesting explanation of synergistic toxicity comes from Dr. Mutter. Put a cat over night in a porcelain shop and one cup will fall down. Put a dog, and maybe he will break one as well. But, if you put both of them in the same store at the same time – all will be destroyed. Same principle can be implied to the human body. We have a lot of synergistic problems going on – neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, so many things play together to create enormous health problems. Plus, we have a cross-metal pollution that corrodes amalgam in half the time. Why some people have no health problems and some struggle a lot?

Liver Detox Pathways

We inherit from parents certain genetic activity. Doing a nutrigenomictest would allow us to see how different things work. For example, how to restructure bones, how to work out bone density, how to deal with inflammation, etc. The ability to break down toxins is tested with pharmacogenomic testing. Liver detoxification pathways contain phase 1 and 2. When toxins are broken down in liver in phase 1, they become more water-soluble and more toxic. This process allows body to deal with them and clean them out of the system in phase 2. In phase 2 they get eliminated out of the body, and transferred via the bile duct down to the small intestines. Not only are we getting toxins into our body by ourselves, we also inherit some from mothers.

Some cancer patients can have excessive reactions to chemotherapy and die from its side-effect. This happens because their body cannot get rid of toxins. Before doing chemo, or vaccinate children, we should test body for pathways. If some pathways are not working properly, body can react with disease and death, as toxins get even more toxic in phase 1 and cannot get out of the body in phase 2. Therefore, vaccination without the prior test is a risk of disease.

Interested in learning all about pathways to fully understand their influence on the body and gain the full knowledge in reading the charts? Before giving the advice, it is important to get the knowledge and full understanding how body is working. Join our coaching program here.

Heavy Metal Tests

There are a few ways to test the amount of heavy metals in the body:

1) Hair Mineral Analasys test – a simple test that will show high mercury levels if present. Usage of shampoo, hair die or other hair care products will highly affect the results so the best way is to use new fresh hair without any hair care products or hair dyes applied.

2) Oligoscan – the most accurate test to show the amounts of heavy metals in your body with before and after detox values. Oligoscan measures toxins in your tissue, not the release of toxins so it only gives us an indication with further tests being advised to create a more detailed picture.

3) Challenge test – the best options when accuracy is needed. Few different types are available: IV EDTA, Oral EDTA, Oral DMPS, ORAL DMSA. As the good minerals are washed out with toxins with chelation, these tests are risky for the kidney, but will give the most accurate results.

4) Full blood test – new type of test developed recently that is using red blood cells for a very accurate results.

Doing heavy metal tests will enable to find a trigger for the specific disease.

How Dangerous Heavy Metals are?

Heavy metals are considered cancerogenes, mutagens and teratogens. Cancerogenesdo not only degenerate and kill cells,, they mutate them and turn them into cancers. There are cases of children being born with brain tumor, sarcoma, lymph cancer and other terrible diseases where mother passed toxicity on to them. Even if you are born with well functioning DNA, there is a still great danger from exposure to heavy metals. This is valid especially for women as women are born with all their reproductive cells. They can get mutated during exposure to toxins found in all sorts of cosmetics and hygienic products. They all build up in the body and the mutagenic effect is devastating – polluted toxic reproductive cells that are being passed onto children and in combination with other polluted reproductive cell are destroying genes for all further generations. Teratogens usually appear in combinations – for example, lead and mercury. They are usually used as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Mixed cocktail of two or more heavy metals turns them into teratogens that cause whole spectre of different serious problems, from malformation, organ dysfunction, organ destruction or children born with tiny liver or tiny reproductive organs.

Heavy metals are the main cause of Autism, ADD, ADHD, ALS, infertility, chronic fatigue, depression, Multiple Scleroses, and many other diseases. The spectre of disease they trigger is very wide. Unknown heart problems are not that unknown if you take a look at research that tested 100 hearts after lethal heart attack, and found 22000 higher concentration of mercury than in those who died of other causes. High concentration of mercury, arsenic, lead and nanobacteria combined together are lethal.

To prevent the lethal scenario, it is very important to detoxify and get those lethal toxins out of the body. That process should be an ongoing process throughout the life, as we already have a high dose of heavy metals in the body due to choices that weren't even made by us, and we are still taking a lot of them in because of the outside factors that we cannot control. So, how to do a proper detoxification?

Wise Detoxification

It is very important to detoxify wisely and consistently. Human body has three main detox organs: skin, kidney and liver. The most important of them is liver and we need to support it with all available tools. Skin helps in detoxification through sweating and thus, releasing the toxins out. Kidneys chelate toxins out of the body, and toxins broken down in liver leave the body in stool. This is the most challenging detox pathway because everything that we absorb through skin, breathing, injecting or eating goes through the bloodstream into the liver. Once the toxins enter the liver, they need to be converted in detox phase 1 to detox phase 2 and they get eliminated via bile duct into small intestines right after pancreas. All toxins travel through 12 meters of small intestine to large intestine, colon, until they finally go out. They follow exactly the same path as nutrients. During the absorption of nutrient there is a lot of re-absorption of toxins as well. Toxins eat a lot of fiber during this process.

Not all livers work 100%, especially if we have impaired metabolism, so we might need to support detox phase 1 or phase 2. If the phase 2 is weak, liver is not producing enough enzymes to break down toxins that have already been activated in phase 1 and become water-soluble and more toxic. It means they will poison the body even more. Solution would be to slow down the phase 1 and activate phase 2. Unfortunately, most people forget about the importance of the phase 2. Some medications like magnesium, selenium, vitamin B6, B2, B3, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, taurine, can help with that. Therefore, good supplementation is very important to support the liver.

Be sure to ask help from nutritionists to activate those two phases and help you find the best ways to detoxify and support your liver. You can find professional consultations here (link).

Supplements for Liver

Mercury is broken down in liver. But, chelation is broken down in liver if there is enough zinc, selenium, modified alginate, modified citrus pectin, chlorella, cilantro, Vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid. There are called chelators. Those long chain binders are needed in blood to eliminate heavy metals. Heavy metals have electric charge and bind to the cells. If they are free floating, they always go back to the cells. Therefore, binders are needed to enclose heavy metals and eliminate them.

Plenty of mineral antagonists like selenium, zinc, iodine and iron are needed to flush out toxins after they have been bound by long chain binders. Too much copper and not enough zinc will create copper-zinc imbalance which will promote metal retention. You need to understand where your main problems are in order to flush out toxins and don't retain them.

Ways to Detoxify Heavy Metals

Ways to detoxify have metals include chlorella, vitamin C, spirullina, modified citrus pectin, edible clay, ACZ spray, activated charcoal, iodine, cilantro, garlic, clay bath, sauna, enemas, oil pulling, hypothermia, IV infusions, exercise, colonics, PEMF, zeolites, liver flush, homeopathics.

Vitamin C is extremely crucial because it is a binder, a chelator, and can help with flushing out toxins. Test on mice showed that the group treated with Vitamin C and exposed to mercury didn't have heavy metals as opposed to the group that wasn't treated with Vitamin C and exposed to mercury. Garlic is another great detox agent, especially in concentrated form.

Doing daily sauna treatment is great for detox because toxin load will gradually reduce by sweating. Between choosing Finnish and far-infrared sauna, the latter is a better choice. Radio-waves will get into the body and heat the blood vessels to make you sweat from the inside, which is similar to fever sweat. Finnish sauna is used to cool down the body. 15 times more toxin are sweated out in far-infrared sauna than in Finnish one.

Enemas flush toxins out of the liver. Without having plenty of fiber, binders, alginates and chlorella, they will all be reabsorbed. Therefore, doing it alone without the binders is a very unwise thing to do. Have 2-3 enemas per days (coffee for example), and make sure to have all the needed binders. Liver flush is not recommended for those who already have liver problems because it will make it even worse.

Main Danger with Heavy Metals

Once the heavy metals are absorbed into the system, they go into the blood stream. Then, they transcend into the extra-cellular fluid (ECF) and hold on to cells. Cells have very small receptors (nutrient channels) that fit well for mercury. What happens is that cells cannot take nutrients anymore through those receptors because mercury particles are blocking them. If mercury gets into the intra-cellular fluid, it means it has entered the cell and will cause complete devastation due to stopping the cell's DNA reduplication (mutated cells, unhealthy cells, cancerous cells).

Using PEMF – Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field sends magnetic pulses through your body. Those pulses are a big magnetic push of ions. It can be viewed as an ion shooter – it shoots ions massively through the body and clears all of those cell membranes. That means that dangerous toxins are thrown out into the extra-cellular fluid. Binders are needed (for e.g. chlorella) not to get them back into the cell. –Supplements will prepare the body for chelation process and support the detox process for toxins to leave the body as soon as possible. PEMF treatment became one of the most important treatment preceding the chelation process.

Dr. Garry F. Gordon, the father of oral chelation made an interesting test with two groups of patients going through chelation process. One went through chelation process only, and the other had a PEMF treatment first, then went throuth chelation. He found that the other group released 2-3 times more toxins.

After PEMF treatment and chelation process, long chain amino-acids are crucial as heavy metal detox binders to flush them out of the body. Those include magnetic clay /edible clay, zeolite / ACZ spray, modified citrus pectin, chlorella and activated charcoal.

PEMF Ringer Device 

During PEMF treatment every pulse that is send out shakes loose all toxins in the cells. Every cell has a different energy level, and if used signal is strong enough, it will affect all different cells with different frequencies at the same time, and all of them will release toxins. It can be used on the back (kidneys), on the bottom (reproductive organs, colon), around the neck (thyroid, lungs, heart, respiratory system, thymus), over stomach (immune system), or between the shoulders blades (lungs). Only 4-5 short 3 minutes treatments per body part in a day are needed to achieve the results. PEMF treatment should be repeated every four days and it has plenty of power to achieve massive results. Exactly because of its power it is recommended for clinics, fitness, centres, cancer support groups, as a powerful device for outstanding results.

Available for mass order without any import taxes. Limited instant availability. Discounted from 21,000 $ to 16,900 $.


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