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Darren J Sassall ND – Sydney, Australia

Darren J Sassall ND Sydney, Australia

“My approach is not about diagnosing or treating symptoms, conditions or diseases; but instead about applying scientific realities and known safe pathways to re-establish and strengthen adaptive capacity. This in turn supports your body’s natural ability to self-heal and provides a framework for optimal performance and health restoration.”

Co-Director of Core Naturopathics and full time Naturopathic practitioner, Darren describes himself as a ‘functional biochemist’ with over 20 years of preventative health care experience. Darren’s focus is in providing clients with the most effective tools in combination with cutting edge treatment protocols to achieve effective results and ongoing long-term support.

Darren has developed the Better Health Management Project, which provides a systematic approach to an unmet need for better management of chronic diseases. He offers strategies for health recovery he believes everyone can understand and get behind. You are invited to work together with his team in creating an individualized strategy for managing your health.

Core clinics offer a consistent path of treatment and learning via:

  • Functional biochemical screening to measure and assess change
  • Proven international therapeutic protocols
  • New paradigm medical devices from around the globe
  • Best available natural medicines and supplements
  • The provision of an experienced personal assistant in the form of a ‘health advocate’
  • Close monitoring and interaction with the clinic
  • A holistic clinic with multi disciplinary practitioners
  • Pre & post support and coordinated care

Our aim is to have you move towards optimal health regardless of your current diagnosed medical condition and you are invited to contact us with your enquiry at www.corenaturopathics.com.au


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