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Do “CURES” really work?

Who has seen the miracle with their own eyes?

Who has witnessed a patient reverse cancer by using Vitamin C infusions? GcMaf? Laetrile? Artemisia? Sodium Bicarbonate? THC or CBD suppositories? Essiac tea? or any other of the 500+ famous ‘cures'?

  • Have you witnessed the whole process with your own eyes?
  • How long did it take?
  • Did the patient try anything else?
  • Did he/she use different treatments at once?
  • Did they change their lifestyle?
  • Did they also resolve some mental and emotional issues?
  • Are you still in touch?
  • How long ago were they cured?

In almost 16 years of research I have heard first hand of hundreds of these famous miracle cures where patients just used “…………..…” and their cancer melted away and never came back, yet failed to see any evidence that this is actually true.  When I ask around who had actually witnessed such a cure I did not get much response. Everybody had heard of these cures but no one I spoke to had actually witnessed the miracle themselves.

Have you already heard of the latest miracle cure.

Cures become periodically famous. GcMaf was just recently proclaimed as the latest CURE. This time it spiked by rumor that because of it’s discovery it caused the death of 10 doctors. This 10 year old remedy, which failed to convince the first time, keeps coming up again and again. Most doctors we spoke to say they use it as a nagalase inhibitor but it never had the same outstanding results as the research promised. Some had dropped it again while others still tried to experiment with different concentrations.  GcMAF is only one example of many.

I recently attended the international conference for integrative medicine in Baden Baden where a PRODUCER of one of these cures pronounced extraordinary results. He spoke about his dendritic cells as if they were a gift from heaven. Everyone (including me) would have purchased without any hesitation after his talk, yet luckily there was a Q&A where the truth was laid out. Several doctors including Dr. Haller who is a well-known expert in the industry, asked why they were not having the same results as proclaimed by the presenter. Even after extensive tests for over 2 years and many different combinations they could not confirm the results the presenter proclaimed.

Now imagine there is no Q&A! No one who shares his or her own observations! A presentation like this will easily cause the new wave of hope even though the results are no where near of what is proclaimed.  Some of these cures travel from country to country and always experience the excitement of being NEWLY DISCOVERED while they are already outdated somewhere else.

Thousands of patients have Glutathione, Rigvir, GcMAF, high dose vitamin C, Laetrile (B17), Glutathione and many other infusions, yet where are all the glorious results? Do any of them work as proclaimed? Are there consistent results? Do we have mass recoveries? Has the breakthrough been achieved? Where are all the survivors?

We also have to check very carefully how long ago did the patient have the treatment. If we require conventional medicine to show a 5 year survival why don't we require the same. I recently heard a doctor promote a new miracle cure with outstanding results even though he had started this treatment only 5 months prior his presentation. Short term success is not a cure! Especially when the same treatment was dropped already by 5 other clinics in Europe due to the fact that it worsened the cancer after it's initial success.

The truth is much less glorious than the proclamations.

There is a reason why alternative medicine is sometimes called a hoax. Just in the same way as we fight against toxic therapies used by conventional medicine, so too are they fighting against our hyped statements, which are often far from the truth.

Many clinics use a multitude of these cures bundled into one treatment package hoping that one will hit the mark. But still no guarantee can be made. We simply use the approach of “Let’s use everything we’ve got and see if something works”

Albert Einstein eloquently stated: ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and cover again, but expecting different results’.

The Emperor with no clothes!

The Emperor's New Clothes” is a short tale by Hans Christian Andersen about two clever weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. Not wanting to appear incompetent everybody, including the emperor complimented the weavers for their extraordinary work while the emperor walked around naked.

It's very much the same with alternative medicine. We all ‘follow the followers’ and say what everyone else says. We loudly proclaim the same remedies that are pronounced to work, so that we belong to the club of very enlightened insiders. No one wants to be seen as ignorant or stupid.

Many of the doctors we interviewed have confirmed that even after extensive testing many of these cures did not show the results they were supposed to have, but none of them wanted to state this openly. Dr. Papasotorio from the Greece Laboratory showed very little results on many of these cures that everybody believes to be so effective. And even when we used the ones that were testing positive were the results of in vivo to in vitro completely different.

The problem is that most doctors did not speak up but rather thought 

  • Maybe it’s me!
  • Maybe I did not combine the treatment correctly!
  • Maybe I need a bit more experience.
  • Maybe if we use a different concentration!
  • What do other doctors use? 30 or 60 Gram concentration?

NO you'r not the only one without success!

Thousands of patients daily receive infusions proclaimed as cures and only very few experience the promised results. Those few who do get the results hold up the hope for all others!

 Share your own experience below! Tell us what you have tried and how well it worked! 

We are heading into the wrong direction!

In a way “alternative” and “conventional” treatments are exactly the same. The only difference is that instead of chemical weapons we use natural, non toxic weapons. But the act of war is still the same.

We set out to kill and destroy. Yes the most logical approach appears to be non-toxic remedies to kill the cancer or to cut it out. But statistics show that this approach does not change the outcome.

So why don't we change our strategy?  “CANCER is not the problem”

It’s merely a sign or signal that something needs your urgent attention. It’s your body screaming for help. Something is out of balance and before equilibrium is not re established nothing will change. Cancer will always come back as long as the cause is not removed.

When you work with many clients you soon realize that there are many contributing factors that lead to disease. No 2 patients have the same problems. Our being is a fragile network of homeostatic systems that work interwoven and synergistically to make a whole. These systems include not only our physical body, but the habits, lifestyle factors and experiences that we all have. We are the most complex machine on earth and we need to stop addressing its issues as if we were as simple as a bicycle. We also need to stop fighting against our own survival mechanism which cancer ultimately is.

A logical solution

We all know that chronic degenerative diseases have increased in the past years exponentially. Some of the statistic show alarming rates. Yet no one looks at what causes these shocking numbers.

So why don’t we start right there?

  • What are the main triggers?
  • What has the greatest influence on our health?
  • What causes disease?
  • Which systems are mostly effected?
  • What prevents a recovery?
  • What suppresses the immune system?
  • What drains the body from energy?
  • Which habits support healing and which ones lead to disease?

Following this line of questions leads to many answers, which can be addressed and resolved one by one.

With every problem that is removed the patient feels better, has more energy and can slowly recover. The healing process is not overnight but you will be astounded how fast it happens as soon as an internal and external healing environment is established.

Functional Medicine

This logical observation is what functional medicine doctors have found to be the most effective and lasting solution. Even the government called it the new form of medicine and gave it the nickname “Precision medicine” because it’s not a hit and miss strategy based on luck that one of the treatments might work. Nor is it a fight against one self.

Functional medicine is the process of finding and eliminating all compounding factors that lead to disease and prevent a recovery. To find all contributing factors is a very demanding task. It requires more time than 5 min doctor visits and relies on a very systematic approach to identify and interpret the multitude of possibilities and contributors.

It requires a systematic analysis that takes all aspects of health into account. At TRULY HEAL we have addressed this issue by creating a program:

  • that disables a practitioners potential to get lost in notes.
  • that enables a practitioners to know everything about everything.
  • that eliminates confusion and forgetfulness
  • that enables everyone a thorough and comprehensive analysis of a patient’s health
  • that ensures that no stone is left unturned and that the root of disease is the primary aim of treatment.

This through process shows extraordinary and most importantly lasting results. The more a patient is willing to clear the better the quality of life, the greater their energy and the faster their healing.

Learn in this video how to find the cause of disease with the help of the TRULY HEAL APP

To say we are on the crux of a new age would be a lie. We are still deep in the dark ages of medicine (both alternative and conventional). In fact we are on a slippery slope that is falling ever deeper in symptomatic treatments. Yes we made some great advancements and understand the body better than ever before, yet many doctors and scientists have been lost in the details.

It's time to step back from the detail and look at the whole person, their lifestyle, habits and environment. There is so much that requires our attention which when resolved increases the chance of a true recovery exponentially. 

World wide are functional medicine practitioners beginning to shine the light on the underlying causes of disease, they are showing us that by simply removing those causes and supporting the bodies own innate ability to heal we are able to get perception altering results.

So don’t be a follower, don’t be a fool, don’t agree with what’s proclaimed simply because everyone else does, be different and stand out from among the rest.

 Share your own experience below! Tell us what you have tried and how well it worked! 

  • Timothy J Woolbank says:

    During my search saw a website that appraised just about every cure or activity for cancer you ever heard off, all negative. Mind you, mostly cancer council assessment.However I guess they err on the scientific side.

    I have tried alternative and clinics in Switzerland and Germany as it is I doubt I would be here without mainstream medicine.

    Cheers Tim

  • Yes, Marcus you have done a great job! Keep up the good work. If you have time, you may also want to visit my blog — Cancer Story at http://www.CancerCareMalaysia.com

    For the past 20 years I have been working with cancer patients … if you have a chance, visit Penang, Malaysia ..it is a nice place!

    I have patients who come from Australia .. I would want them to contact you for help.

    • Hello Chris
      How can I help you. I see you are very active on your blog.

  • Marcus,
    I am a five year breast cancer survivor. I agree alternative treatments for cancer has become big business. I had surgery,
    refused chemo and radiation. I did Protocel , and Paw paw,
    And other supplements. I did a diet of organic and little meat or dairy. Excerise and faith in the Lord. I stayed away from conventional medicine, and did alternative test. My thermography continues to show me without cancer. I am 74 years old and still pretty active. Every one is selling some thing for their doctrine of cancer and many are frauds, and I can tell
    You I would never sell what I did to get past cancer because I believe what was freely given ( wisdom on what I know about cancer) would be freely given. Too bad this wasn’t the idea people use to help others instead of the over much buying and selling of information that could save lives. It’s all by profit .

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