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Clarice Hebblethwaite – Christchurch, New Zealand

Truly Heal Consultations in person or by phone

Clarice sees clients in person and provides consultations both at her Dietary Specialists clinic in Christchurch City and her home based clinic in Christchurch.

For those seeking Truly Heal consultations for complex conditions, such as cancer, she recommends you see her for a home clinic consultation.

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About Clarice Hebblethwaite

Clarice lives in Christchurch, New Zealand where she is a practicing Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian and Truly Heal Coach.  Clarice completed her BSc degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in the UK and over the past 20 years has worked in this field both in the UK and New Zealand. She has become well known for her knowledge and practice in digestive health, identifying and managing food intolerances and allergies, women’s health, restoring energy and optimising wellness.

Clarice has in depth experience in guiding people to greater health who have complex conditions including Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis and Cancer.  As founder of the New Zealand Dietitians Gastroenterology Support group she has continued to worked closely with many patient support groups.  Clarice is a popular speaker and has given many presentations to GPs, Specialists, Dietitians, Gyms and public seminars. And Clarice has written several articles on digestive health, the gut microbiome and probiotics for Healthy Food Guide magazine.

In 2007 Clarice established a busy and successful private practice in Christchurch, New Zealand, called Dietary Specialists.

Prior to her work in Nutrition, Clarice had several years experience as a chef working in wholefoods, vegetarian and Mediterranean cuisine. And with a father who was a trained doctor and specialist in Homeopathy, along with her sister who is a Naturopath, Clarice is gifted in bringing a holistic approach to her work and liaising closely with many wellness practitioners.

Clarice loves making sense of the science of food and turning it into realistic ideas and practical advice. This lead to her creating a wellness blog called All Nourishing where she shares photographed steps of how recipes are made, nutrition and lifestyle tips.

Clarice has also spent time working at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in Queensland, Australia and her wish is for everyone to experience such a retreat; eating nourishing food, sleeping deeply, practicing and learning amazing activities for ultimate energy, vitality and health. With her husband she has recently become part owner of a retreat in the nearby Banks Peninsula and is looking forward to creating and hosting future retreats.

For more information about Clarice www.dietaryspecialists.co.nz

To book PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic frequency) therapy sessions using the PMT 120 at Clarice’s home based rooms

Phone (+64) 0274790648

Email [email protected]

For recipes, nutrition and lifestyle tips www.allnourishing.com




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