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the cause of depression by truly heal

CAUSE of DEPRESSION – How to find and eliminate it


cause of depressionDepression is an epidemic problem that is triggered by so many CAUSES that most practitioners don't even attempt to find what makes you sick. Finding the cause of depression is too time consuming and too complex to search for all physical, environmental and mental contributors. It's 10 x more profitable to give you a pill and let you deal with all the side effects.

The problem is not solved either when you see a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other form of mental doctor, because the cause of depression is not “all in the mind”. There are too many physical factors that need to be addressed before you are able to think properly.

The TRULY HEAL™ approach does not look at the symptom, but rather finds and resolves the underlying cause of depression that:

  • cause the disease in the first place
  • intensify the problem and
  • prevent a recovery

This approach is guaranteed to solve the problem and to keep it away. Yes it's more involving than just taking a pill but in the long run it improves your quality of life manyfold. And what is better than living life to the fullest.

As you can see in the image above, there are many things that are scientifically proven to be the cause of depression or prevent a recovery. We will cover some in our future emails, but today we will pick only one.

Continuous Life Difficulties. 

cause of depressionLets face it, noting is more depressive than trying and trying without acknowledgement, credit of your efforts and success. The longer the battle persists and nothing changes the more frustrating it gets. The problem after prolonged failure to achieve a desired goal or outcome are self affirmations such as  “I can't” and  “I am not good enough” as well as the self doubt that sends very destructive signals into the body.

Thought like I am not worthy of love, success, money, fame, respect, or anything else tell your body to shut down. Stress signals cause excess hormone production which brings everything into overdrive. You try harder and harder until in the end you collapse. Most of the time are your adrenals first to give in and chronic fatigue sets in.

Self destructive thoughts also trigger self destructive lifestyle choices. The lack of success leads to lack of sleep, reduced exercise, compensation junk food and often even drug or alcohol consumption. The self destructive signal spreads to all lifestyle choices and disease is often a good excuse to not needing to try any longer.

Defining the Root Cause of Depression

expectationsResearch studies show that the cause of depression is always linked to unrealistic fantasies. If you dream of unrealistic goals or how the world should be  or how people should behave, then frustration is pre programmed.

For example:Politicians should act in the interest of there people. Husband and wife have to love each other no matter what. Children have to be respectful to parents even if they don't deserve it.

These unrealistic fantasies can be caused by fiction books, fantasy movies, half truths, incomplete observations, believe in single sidedness, fairy tales and proclamations of perceived authority figures.

The cause of depression is often originating in such fantasies where reality does not match with how things should be.

The second reason is that many try to achieve a different outcome while doing more of what they already did before. More work, more time, more effort, more energy, more care and love leading to MORE of what they already got. More frustration and more self doubt.

Solving the Problem Intelligently

When you have worked with the TRULY HEAL™ protocol you know that we separate our evaluation of mental stress into 7 areas of life. The reason is that no one is unsuccessful in general. Most people have at least 2 to 3 areas of success, while they are less or unsuccessful in other areas of life.

By separating these areas and evaluating each on their own we can help a lot more specific. For example require problems at work a very different support than problems in relationship. Each treatment is specific to any of the 7 areas of life and stress disappears as soon as success sets in.

Another reason to separate successful areas of live from rather unsuccessful ones is that clients become aware that not all is bad. Most of them get so involved with a problem that they forget to see the good in life. For example are many cancer patients so deeply involved with the few cancer cells they have that they forget to be grateful for all the healthy systems in their body. There are still billions of healthy cells performing miracles every second and to be greateful for them is a good way to start a healing process.


Work/ Career STRESS :

EQ-Career-500x500The goal of SUCCESS at WORK is to earn more money while investing less time and energy so that you still have time to have a life.

Most people work more, work harder and get less pay. They do more, instead of doing things differently. The TRULY HEAL coaching program includes a business success training that helps coaches and their clients to plan their work more efficiently and to filter out everything that does not contribute to their success. Planing work with an end goal in mind is a lesson everybody should learn.

Relationship STRESS :

EQ-Relationship-500x500The goal of a SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP is to help and support each other to grow and evolve.

Fairy tales teach us “Happily ever after” but reality is slightly different. Partners are mirrors that reflect what we love and hate in ourselves. We love in others what we love in ourselves and we hate in others what we hate in ourselves. Every partner is the perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself.  Our relationship program will teach you how to gain more self respect, self love and how to see the world as an opportunity. It's a program that will change the way you perceive yourself and through that you see more love and respect from others.

Financial STRESS:

EQ-Wealth-500x500The goal of FINANCIAL SUCCESS is to have money that works for you and not you for money!

Most people never ever put money aside in order to grow it. They don't invest into wealth, they blow is on everything that appears to be important right now. Having money is not a solution for happiness but it gives you confidence and opens a big door of opportunities. With money that works for you, you also have the time to excel in everything you want to do with your life.  Our savings program starts always right now if you don't already have one in place. It's a small step for a huge future.

Social STRESS:

EQ-Leadership-500x500The goal of SOCIAL RECOGNITION is the be respected for ones contribution to a community.

If no one ever says: “thank you, well done” then all efforts become futile. Many house wives work hard, wash, cook, tidy up, and never get a thank you. This is ok when treated with respect and sometimes supported with help, but if not, then resentment sets in. This is the breeding ground for self doubt and self minimisation. I have to do more to be loved in return. Our leadership program shows you how to create demand and how to get people respect you for your contribution. It's not them. They do as you feel about yourself. Thats why this training is so essential to overcome resentment and frustration in all other areas of life.

Health STRESS:

EQ-Health-500x500The goal of health is to have a body that supports you in all areas of life.

Brainfog, pain, disease and low energy are not very favourable attributes to a successful and joyful life. That's why focussing on disease is not a solution. The TRULY HEAL protocol is in every aspect designed to improve the quality of life by removing everything that makes you sick. The goal is to have the energy to achieve your life's dreams, to travel, enjoy success and learn and dance to the music of life.  Our health coaching program will help you in the most systematic way to find and remove everything that jeopardises a joyful and successful life.

Mental STRESS:

EQ-Passion-500x500The goal of a healthy mind is to learn, be passionate and curious to explore the wonders of this world.

Learning from ones mistakes is probably the most important factors of a healthy mind. It's a huge attribute in achieving goals which are bigger than you are right now. The second most important attribute is to be in charge how you react to the world. Being a victim or a victor is not a matter of fate but a decision you make on how you deal with life. KNOWLEDGE is POWER and we all learn differently. Some learn auditorial, others have to read and write, other have to do in order to remember. Finding your way is key to a successful mental development. Our whole course is built to challenge stagnant beliefs and to open your mind to a world of common sense.

Spiritual STRESS:

EQ-life-purpose-500x500Knowing why you are here and what you want from life is the only way to stand your ground!

If you don't know what to do with your life, someone else who thinks they have a more important purpose will tell you what you should think or do. They take over and overpower you until you decide on your own purpose. Not everybody needs to be a leader and needs to follow a big purpose but it helps to decide what you want from life in order to be able to say NO!  Now I have no time. Now I need to do something for myself. Now I need time to …. Fill in the blank. Having a purpose is a key to say NO to everybody who thinks they are more important than you.  They are not. They just think they are because you don't take a stand for yourself.

The Spiritual component of the TRULY HEAL protocol is huge as it is the door through which you come into this life and go into the next / afterlife. The time you have here on earth is not eternal. SO what do you want to use it for?

  • HI Marcus. Watched some of your videos. I have tongue cancer, at its early stage. Why isn’t cancer of the tongue talked about as much as other cancers. I don’t know what to do with mine, or what to eat really. It is hard to cope with all this, but unfortunately our doctors in Australia, treat the cause, rather then find the symptoms. Anyway, what are the best things you can do. I am 63yrs of age. Have diabeties 2 arthritis and now cancer. What else could possibly go wrong. Please love to hear from you by email, just to give me some suggestions please, and where to go with all this. Thank you.

    • Hello Mary

      Diabetes 2 and Arthritis are clear indications of a highly inflamed body and an obviously bad diet since a long time. You probably have a massive food sensitivity which suppresses your immune system completely.

      There are many other reasons that need to be looked at.

      You can have root canals, amalgam fillings, chronic inflammation in the tube that starts at your mouth and ends at your anus, compromised liver, gut dysbiosis, allergies, pancreas exhaustion, adrenal exhaustion and so on.

      The very first thing would be to stop all gluten, dairy and sugar from your diet. This includes pizza, pasta, bread, rice and everything else that is turned immediately into sugar. Every insulin spike will promote more cancer. Dairy promotes inflammation like nothing else.

      Check if you have a good fat digestion and start with a few weeks of bone broth to heal the gut combined with gently increasing probiotics and fermented foods. Follow the gaps protocol until your body is alkaline and your inflammation is down.

      Then increase GREEN GREEN GREEN to alkaline the body and reduce inflammation so that your immune system starts working. 3/4 green and 1/4 protein with good fats and oils is the best combo.

      Supplementing deficiencies is only possible when your gut cant absorb them. Right now due to your inflammations most of your supplements will end up in your poo.

      I would also add some cleansing and detoxification to the routine. Clay bath is the cheapest solution and very effective. Far infra red sauna, zeolite and modified citrus pectin. Flush your body from toxins. Oil Pulling is very important for you as well as are 2 coffee enemas per day.

      This regiment will definitely bring you back on track of a healing journey. To be more speciffic i would recommend you to work with a health coach to find all possible immune suppressors that prevent your body from healing.

      Kind regards

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