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Casey Hammond RN – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Catherine “Casey” Hammond is a registered nurse with a health practice focusing on integrative holistic techniques.  She combines years of experience in Homeopathy, Body Talk, Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and nutritional counseling with her genuine passion for health.  She is certified in EFT, and as a Truly Heal Coach.  In her practice Casey enjoys  teaching, working with groups, and with individuals.

As a lifelong learner Casey's recent Truly Heal Coach certification has added to and synthesized many years of study and search for holistic methodology for optimizing health. Understanding that the individualized and holistic approach of the Truly Heal Program has the potential to improve the health of everyone, Casey has embraced the lifestyle both for herself and her practice.  Many of the program recommendations she has tried personally, giving her firsthand insight.  Her goal is to help people embrace healthier choices without feeling deprived, including changing limiting beliefs.

She lives on a small farm on Cape Cod with her husband John, where she spends time in her organic garden, and creates dynamic compost.  When she is not in the garden you can find her swimming, biking, or walking in the woods.

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508 237-5492

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