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Candace Lindsay – Rhode Island, USA

Candace Lindsay
I was still in my teens when I found myself strongly drawn to ideas about health and nutrition. Exercise, clean food, and alternative medicine became a driving force in my life.  I became a licensed massage therapist, an instructor in authentic Yeung Family Tai Chi, and a personal trainer. 
When I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and an autoimmune disorder that required me to have B-12 shots monthly, I began to actively question conventional healthcare and came to realize that along with a supportive health care provider, it was up to me to take primary responsibility for maintaining and improving my own health. Independently, I explored nutritional studies on the effects of food on metabolism, health, and disease resistance. Impassioned by my health pursuits, I opened my own business, and for nearly two decades, through exercise, body work, and nutritional counseling, I have helped empower people to question the monolithic powers of the pharmaceutical and food processing industry and to focus on taking as much control over their personal well-being as possible.  
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2012, that at least 50% of Americans suffer from one or more chronic health conditions.  As a health coach, by educating my clients on the importance of managing their food, their environment, their emotional well-being, and their medical decisions, I am helping them to gain access to pertinent health information that can be transforming. 
Becoming a member of the Truly Heal organization, and subsequently becoming a Functional Medicine Health Coach, has offered me a framework through which I am able to facilitate clients’ efforts to assess, understand and evaluate the various factors that support or undermine their overall health. As their coach, I am committed to providing educated advice on how to make informed decisions about medical testing, treatments, and life-style changes.
My goal is to inspire, encourage, and challenge my clients to identify their values, to quiet their fears, to listen to their inner voice, and to develop sustainable health behaviors. Together we will examine all areas of their lives: sense of purpose and fulfillment, relationships, stressors, work and home infrastructure, financial concerns, etc.  
My whole hearted promise to my clients is to respect and guard their right to reliable health information; to support their dignity, and to help them recognize that personal health empowerment is an opportunity to visualize and embrace changes that will contribute to mitigating illness and achieving optimal health. 
I work with all age groups and gender.  I have worked with individuals suffering from chronic illness, cancer, allergies, digestive issues, depression and low energy.  I have helped women who wanted to get their body ready for pregnancy and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout.   I have also worked with clients who simply want to better manage their food and life-style behaviors.
My consultations are by available by Skype, phone, at your office, or in your own home.  Call or email for an appt.  401-225-3769 or [email protected]

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