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The 3 Most Powerful Home Treatments For Cancer

During the Documentary you will see 3 very effective treatments that are used with exceptional results in the best clinics around the world. These 3 treatments have plenty of research studies proving their efficiency and all of them are 100% safe. They can be used by healthy people to optimise their performance and by sick people to boost their immune system and help them recover much faster and effectively.

For each of the different treatments we have created a complete course that shows you HOW TO use these treatments @ HOME and why these treatments are so effective.




Give your body a massive energy boost with PEMF. Every cancer treatment is greatly enhanced by PEMF. Your energy levels rise, your immune system starts working again and your diseases disintegrate one by one. 

  • Strengthens Cellular Potential and boosts your energy
  • Increased detoxification and cleansing form heavy metals and pathogens
  • Increased Oxygen and nutrient uptake leading to more energy.
  • Used as targeted cancer treatment to overcharge cancer cells
  • Immune activation and reduction of inflammation


Every single clinic in Europe builds on Hyperthermia as a foundation of healing. The effects of this treatment are manyfold:

  • Hyperthermia has over 200 research studies for cancer that all show spectacular results.
  • Best detoxification treatment bypassing the liver
  • Hyperthermia activates the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow
  • Kills cancer cells and pathogens and flags cancer cells with heat shock proteins. 

Learn the EASY way!

If you want to learn what we have learned from over 100 global experts, without wasting years in research and trying all the things that do not work, then sign up to one of our signature programs. We provide free education for patients and caregivers and offer Functional Medicine Certification for health coaches and health professionals.

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We do not teach hype nor will you learn generic information which works only for a few. What you will learn at the TRULY HEAL academy is a very personalised way to find the root causes of disease which is different from patient to patient and how to remove these causes with practical and effective treatments, of which you can perform many at home.

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