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The Cancer Act from 1939 UK

What does the 1939 Cancer Act say?

At its heart, the current incarnation of the Cancer Act is designed to protect cancer patients and the public from being bombarded with adverts for cancer treatments, from any source, including medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, alternative practitioners, or anyone else.

This is an important point: the Act functions across the board, preventing pharmaceutical companies from hawking the latest cancer drugs through advertisements in the pages of UK newspapers or on TV, as well as shutting down UK-accessible websites claiming that magic crystals can treat tumours.

Does the cancer act 1939 protect Chemo Therapy

Not really

The cancer act was created almost a decade before the first lethal dose of chemotherapy was discovered.

But it’s a double sided sward.

On one hand it protects the public from snake oil adverts but it also prevents education. Because chemo, radiation and surgery are generally applied across the board and all other treatments cant be discussed or spoken about in public the cancer act from 1939 limits education.

What is Snake Oil.

Frankincese cures cancer

The research. There are 7 research studies published on frankincense oil and cancer, shown in the Table below. As you can see, almost all of this evidence is in vitro research, meaning that the essential oil was found to kill cancer cells in a petri dish. For many reasons, this does not equate to a cancer cure.

Essiac tee cures cancer
Dandelion cures cancer
GcMaf cures cancer
Marijuana cures cancer
Rigvir cures cancer
Vitamin C cures cancer

All these remedies are powerful immune modulators but as long as the cause of cancer is not removed they will never bring lasting results.

What is a CURE?

Cutting out organs and body parts as a prevention does not work.

Poisoning the body with chemo and radiation may extend a little (3%) but it also does not work

Treating with natural anti cancer remedies may slow down the disease but it rarely changes the outcome

Are Cures Suppressed?

I don’t think so.

I rather believe that alternative as well as conventional medicine fire into the wrong direction.  It’s the same approach with different weapons. Both try to kill the cancer while they both forget to look for the cause.

As long as the cause is not removed the disease can never be cured.

What is the real CURE?

A new form of medicine proofs to be much more effective in the fight against chronic degenerative diseases like depression, anxiety, cancer, allergies, health disease, chronic fatigue and so on.

It’s called Functional medicine.

It’s a mix between solid functional testing, proven treatments to remove the cause and a very intense form of immune and system support.

Does Functional Medicine need to hide from the cancer Act?

Certainly not!

Functional medicine is a very scientific approach to find the underlying causes of disease.  Once determined they are resolved one by one and the body supported in it’s healing capacity. This leads to a lasting result and a constant improvement of the patient.

Let’s stop this madness!

Tired of mopping up the floor?

Finding and removing the cause of disease is easy. All that is required is a the dedication to work through all possible causes and to determine which are the most prominent ones to start with.

With every cause you remove you or your patient feels better, has more energy and heals faster. It's a process that is rewarded from the first moment with great success.


Learn how to deal with disease wisely and more effectively without getting into the cross fire between cures, snake oil and outdated treatments that have little to no effect.

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  • IT IS GOOD!!
    Because, like you said, there are a lot of snake oil adverts and people just looking to make money from people who are vulnerable.
    Frankly, it is shameful how so many people pretend to care about the hurting when actually, ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS HOW MUCH MONEY THEY CAN MAKE FROM A HURTING PERSON! The natural industry is filled with a lot of greedy, selfish people which makes them no different than the people in the medical profession. It is even worse in the U.S. where the so-called natural professionals are SO GREEDY AND CHARGE VERY EXPENSIVE RATES!! The natural professionals do not care about people, they only care about themselves and how much money they can make!! Their behavior is very shameful!! Thus, I do not go to any natural professionals because they are CON ARTISTS and want to sell you a lot of products that are unnecessary and unhelpful. Again, their behavior is GREED DRIVEN which makes them no different than the medical industry. Kevin

  • The 1939 act is totally wrong and out of date.
    Maybe they did not know there is a cure (actually more than 1, there are many ways to get rid of cancer and/or prevent it.
    Best wishes for the tour
    Barbara Middleton – Naturopath

  • The cancer act 1939 = what ever happened to freedom of choice? It’s just another example of corporate collusion.

    I think people in general need to ask themselves the following questions:-

    What gives any government the right to determine what I choose to put in my body?

    Why is it that only Big Pharma are allowed to decide what are acceptable cancer protocols and no one else?

    If Orthodox Medicine doesn’t understand what even CAUSES cancer, is it logical to assume that only they should be/can provide “evidence based” cures?

    Should we even trust anyone to cure us of a disease that, by their own admission, they have no idea of the cause of?

    What is the overall success rate of orthodox medicine in dealing with degenerative disease in general,overall, actually? And what is it for cancers? (About 2% success rate, I believe.)

    Why is it that the establishment has shown an appalling suppression of naturally based cures & the active persecution of natural practitioners since the late 1800’s? Why do most people not know about these facts?

    Is it possible for 2 parties or more to collude for mutual benefit at the expense of another?

    What do we usually call/name this as?

    [Why is it that so many people find it hard to even willingly comprehend and acknowledge that conspiracies in general even exist? The Nazi’s? The Holocast? Watergate? Edward Snowden’s revelations? What do people think these are?]

    Can we just blindly accept what the media tells us?

    Do we/should we just believe that “the authorities” know what’s “best for us”?

    Can politicians and the authorities make mistakes/be bought off/influenced by industry?

    If something/piece of information causes us emotional pain/conflicts with what we’ve been told previously.. does this mean that information is actually “wrong”?

    If certain information makes us feel “good”, does this mean it is necessarily “right”?

    Does anyone actually have/should have a monopoly on truth?

    Isn’t implicit in the very idea of living in a democracy the idea we should be free to determine our own health needs?


  • When visiting relatives in Halifax in 1991, coming from a EMS background, the ambulance service was found to be orderly and consistently in step with USA EMS standards to a point, but the Long Term Care and their Doctors was completely overwhelming in incompetence, being they were hiring cheaper foreign doctors who lacked the knowledge of the language, their patients diets, no diagnosis through lab tests, nutrition, or any discussion of modern science was downright backward and disingenuous to the patience’s, I witnessed lack of protocols toward patient/doctor communications, if you talk of treatments, elsewhere, and or their existence, you were considered to be competitive to the British Health Care System.

    They also summarized it to me, after 55 you are no longer a social asset. After one try at the British political system of my experience for quality of life for Seniors, it was evident how much protectionism exist in their 2 party political system in England’s, they protect their jobs markets, this is the leading force behind the conspiracy besides being a 3rd or 4th world country economically speaking. Class, Life and Jobs are fought tooth and nail in England and Change for the British come to those who can think outside the box. I wish and hope the internet frees them. Andre

  • I have no doubt it is a issue of profit control. Drug companies and medical organizations wish to keep cures and natural therapies at bay so as to keep profiting from the misfortune of others!

    • Anz Cando says:

      Yes, there is a crystal clear conflict of interest between pharmaceutical companies’ profits and their customers’ health because these two goals are 100% antagonistic … when one rises the other must suffer a fall. (and vise-versa) So we can all guess correctly which of these two CEO’s will make a priority … especially to safeguard their long-term job security.

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