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Can Relationship Stress Cause Cancer

Can relationship STRESS cause a reoccurrence and negate all your treatments?

stress-and-cancer-truly-healWe all know that stress can cause cancer and suppress the immune system to such a degree that your body is rendered helpless? If you don't know how stress and cancer are directly linked read this article first.




Jennifer's breast cancer was reduced to scar tissue with all natural means. Her scans, tumor markers test and floating cancer stem cell test came up negative 3 years in a row.  For over 6 years Jenny followed her protocol diligent and was very disciplined with her diet, supplements and exercise. No symptoms, no pain and we all thought the battle was won, when her husband announced a divorce and moved out to live with his girlfriend.

Jenny was so stressed with the situation that in a matter of 7 weeks her breast cancer grew from scar tissue to over 6 cm, metastasized with 15 tiny spots to the lung and she is now searching for new solutions.

But what can she do to reduce the stress?

How can she NOT be mad and angry with her husband?

How can she just go on as if nothing has happened and enjoy life?

We have asked a lot of people what they would suggest, but besides shooting the husband, meditating and tapping the problem away, nothing helpful was suggested. In fact it showed me how helpless most people are against PUSH BUTTON REACTIONS as Bruce Lipton calls them. Emotional responses to what other people do!

If you want to know how Jenny stopped being stressed then watch this video.

In fact it will show you how she developed gratitude that her husband pushed her out of stagnation into the flow of life where miracles happen!

She is recovering really well and we will update regularly on her status.

Empower your relationships with friends, colleagues, employers, clients and loved ones 100%!

If relationship causes STRESS in your life it's not because you have bad company or the people around you want to cause you emotional harm. It's because you have not learned how to deal with them wisely.

Everybody can have stunning relationships and even convert what's already challenged into a harmonious relationship when they learn how to be emotionally intelligent.

Asking your friends and family to support your dreams requires some finesse and a lot of emotional intelligence. Especially if your dream requires them to change some of their beliefs.

If you want your clients and friends to support you then it's imperative for you to offer a fair exchange and over-deliver on your promises. This EQ training will help you to do just that.

Share your own story or insights below!


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