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To have a buzzing practice, a long waiting list and raving clients while earning loads of money from many different income streams is the goal of the business blueprint. Everybody that inspires those in need to live a healthier life with less pain and stress deserves to be rewarded, honored and revered.

Unfortunately is this not always the case. Many health coaches have great intentions and a very big heart but their business, marketing and financial skills make it impossible to create the success they deserve.

That's why we have added to the coaching program a 7 step training program which helps each one of our health and wellness coach to establish a stunning. .

The 7 Business Blueprint Modules are:


Find in your heart the TRUE PURPOSE that motivates you to greatness and gives you the power to overcome all the obstacles on the way. Having a purpose is like having fuel for your car. It's the driving force that allows your clients to follow YOU and not someone else.


Research and passion have nothing to do with “learning by heart” and repeating pre-selected answers like sheeple do. To the contrary! It's exciting and invigorating to be curious about a project you love. This part of the course allows you to break rules, dream up ideas no one else had before you and gives you the possibility to dream big.


Adding structure and detail to a plan so that it can become reality is a gift many have never learned. It requires a clear vision which is not blown out of proportion by fantasies and not blocked by fears. Either of the 2 extremes requires equilibration which we learn in this class to the finest degree. You will learn how to structure so that your work involvement is least and the outcome biggest.

COMMUNICATE fair trade with your clients

Asking your friends and family to support your dreams requires some finesse and a lot of emotional intelligence. Especially if your dream requires them to change their beliefs. If you want your clients and friends to support your plan then it's imperative for you to offer a fair exchange and over deliver on your promises. This part of the training will help you to do just that.

PRESENT yourself to the world in STYLE

Everybody admires leaders and people who are brave enough to stand out from the crowd. This chapter of the training will teach you exactly that. You will learn how to be proud of yourself and how to present your idea in a way your audience will love.  We learn how to create reciprocity, demand and admiration for what you have managed to bring to those in need.

DISCIPLINE and motivate yourself to GREATNESS. 

Falling back into your old YOU and giving up is not an option when you learn how to motivate yourself with passion and purpose. It's the most powerful tool that all world leaders have as a unique gift.   In this chapter you will learn how to keep you focussed and on target and how to achieve maximum energy to support your dream.

GET handsomely PAID to build up FINANCIAL WEALTH. 

Turning an idea into profits of any kind, leads to the satisfaction you need to keep going. Even charity organisations need money in order to do good. So don't kid yourself that you do not need or deserve that.  This chapter of the training will help you turn your idea into liquid gold and monetise it in the best possible way. To do that we delete all your poverty programs and replace them with a high value in being rich and feeling worthy to be so.

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The TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine education program for Health Coaches will teach you how to find and remove all possible causes that contribute to disease. This approach offers lasting results and gives you a cutting edge advantage.

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Yes we offer open enrollment because all our students can pace their progress as they wish. You have 2 years to complete the program which means if you only need to pass one assignment every 2 weeks .

This depends on your prior education and how much time you can invest. You have up to 2 years to complete the program from the date of enrollment. As a self-paced online course it can be completed in as little as 5 months. The course is an online portal and can be started anytime from anywhere and your workbook allows you to study offline as well.

Everything that can access a website. The App and Online Training are both secure portals on a website. You can use a MAC, PC Android or iPad for your studies. Even a smart phone works eventhough it's a bit small.

You receive throughout the 2 years constant reminders and encouragements to keep you going. If we see you are close to the finishing line at the end of 2 years we will definitely help you across even if it takes a bit longer. We do however not extend if you decide to start in the last minute.

The TRULY HEAL certification program is like any advanced education not refundable. You receive the complete content, App and workbook immediately after signup and have full access to all the teaching material.

This certification program is very practical and personal. You will either use yourself or a close friend / family member to study all the different chapters. This means you will learn more about yourself than you possibly anticipated. Your teacher will help you understand and correct all these insights so they make sense. To learn, all questions are welcome.

However due to legal issues they can not distant treat or prescribe any treatments or drugs.

Yes all our students receive after they have passed the mid exam their personal discount coupon to reduce the cost of devices in our shop by 20%. This allows you to sell devices with a good profit or set up a healing environment when you have learned how to use the devices in the most effective and responsible way.

Yes we have a complete affiliate training program that will help you build a list, set up income streams and teach you how to earn money on automatic modus. We even show you how to publish your affiliate code via PPC campaigns.