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Bentonite Clay Detox – does it really work?

Bentonite Clay Detox which is often referred to as ‘healing clay detox’, is a safe, effective and a very natural way of detoxification. It binds heavy metals, radiation, chemicals, pathogens and many other toxins. Bentonite clay or magnetic clay have powerful drawing and absorptive capabilities. At least this is what we are told to believe.

But does a Bentonite Clay Detox really work?

There are hardly any research studies that proof a hundreds of year old multi cultural practice that claims clay to be healing. Geophagic earth, especially if it is clay-rich, can bind with and thereby reinforce the protective mucosal layer and/or enhance mucosal secretion, thereby reducing permeability of the intestinal walls.

The second mechanism involves binding directly to toxins, parasites, and other pathogens. This can either render them unabsorbable by the gut or inhibit their respiration.  A number of clays found in geophagic earths are capable of binding pathogens, including viruses, fungi and bacteria, as well as toxins, including poisonous herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and plant secondary compounds. That's why it's often used as poultice on open wounds.



To see some real measurable results we have tested a client with the OLIGOSCAN and checked for heavy metal toxicity.  The test result showed high levels of Mercury, Cadmium and Silver. The overall toxicity of the client was 100% with Lead, Aluminium, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium and Bismuth in the elevated levels which indicates problems with his liver detox.

The test also showed very severe deficiencies which are directly linked to the heavy metal poisoning. The client suffered from severe deficiency of Iodine (heavy metal chelator) and Selenium which is also directly  linked to Mercury poisoning. The Copper/Zinc blockade shows a intracellular deficiency of Zinc which also promotes metal retention.

Heavy Metal Toxicity


Mineral Status

There are many factors to consider for a detox to work!

I know it's tempting to start with a bentonite clay detox right away, but guess what. The results would be minimal if there were any at all. For the body to release toxins there are many components that need to be addressed.

Mineral Status

As mentioned above are Iodine, Zinc and Selenium absolutely necessary for a sound detox.

Also Magnesium needs to be plentiful in the body for your cells to be able to release toxins. That's why starting with a detox without preparing the patient first would be a waste of time and energy.

In our case study is Mercury the main target as it has many dangerous properties in the body.

Toxic effects of Mercury:

Foggy head, leaky gut with significant food sensitivities, anxiety, restlessness, autistic spectrum disorder, conduces to infestation with intestinal parasites, dermatitis, endocrine disturbance, especially hypothyroidism, fatigue, Irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, inflamed mucous membranes with or without ulceration, obsessive compulsive disorder, speech or learning delay, unresponsive gingivitis.

Mineral Antagonists for Mercury Toxicity:

Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Iodine.

Cellular Membrane Potential

Toxins and especially heavy metals block receptors in the cell membrane wall and so prevent the transit of essential nutrients and minerals into the cell and prevent a cell from discharging all the waste material which leads to a loss of membrane potential.

A deflated cell with a low cellular membrane potential can not detoxify. This is why sport and exercise are so important. They increase your cells energy and shake loose some of these toxins

In a clinical environment has the use of PEMF replaced the need for exercise as it increases the membrane potential dramatically in a matter of minutes and so increases 3 facts at the same time

  1. Detoxification (all toxins are shaken loose from the cell membrane receptors)
  2. Oxygen uptake is drastically improved by the increased cell membrane potential
  3. Nutrient uptake is dramatically increased due to cleared cell membrane channels.

These 3 factors alone make it necessary for a good detox to incorporate PEMF as an adjunct treatment.

At first we primed the patient with IV treatments and with intense supplementation of Zinc, Selenium, Iodine and Magnesium. We also added 3 x per week a 30 min PEMF treatment with the XPSE PAD to activate nutrient uptake and detoxification.

The very first sign of a response was that the patients values snapped from an excess Zinc Copper blockade indicated by the OLIGOSCAN into a deficiency when we increased the zinc supplementation. In a way Copper was washed out while Zinc was absorbed into the cells.

When all levels in the mineral status changed (after about 30 days) we started to use bentonite clay products to cover all possible detox pathways.

We also added edible clay to the program

The following benefits are achieved:

  • Detoxification of the digestive system (the absorptive action of clay pulls contaminants from the body)
  • Bacterial, organic and non-organic toxicity
  • Elimination of internal parasites (digestive tracts)
  • Immune system support (clay used internally stimulates the body’s elimination system and supports organ function)
  • Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream (occurs once the liver has been restored to full function)
  • Increases T-cell count
  • Fights free radicals
  • Liver detoxification
  • Stomach aches and bacterial food poisoning
  • Alkalising agent in the body.

The recommended dose is around one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach. See the video below.

8 Weeks of Bentonite Clay Detox

8 weeks with 2 treatments per week adds up to 16 x 30 minutes in a very hot bath. We used Pure South Clay as well as LLC Magnetic Clay with Mercury sachets. We also added edible clay to the protocol in the morning to intensify the process. The test with the OLIGOSCAN showed at the end of 8 weeks a really different result which confirmed that a Bentonite Clay Detox really works.





These results of our bentonite clay detox are amazing. Even though Aluminium has increased readings, all other levels have reduced drastically. Especially Mercury is way down and overall toxicity went from 100% to 75%. 

This clearly shows that when you do things in an educated manner that bentonite clay detox really works. You just need to have all pieces of the puzzle and put them together wisely. Which reminds me the that the client also had 2 x per week a Magnesium Enema with 2 heaped table spoons of magnesium dissolved into about 1/2 later of warm water.


Work with a professional who has learned how to do things properly. All TRULY HEAL coaches and health professionals learn how it's done correctly and even though coaches can't prescribe you supplements or IV treatments, they can advice you do it right and keep an eye on the doctor you work with.

All TRULYHEAL coaches and health professionals have also all the info on minerals, and supplementation and detox processes at their fingertips in the TRULY HEAL APP.  This app helps them to offer the best possible service to all of their clients.


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    I have knee implants. Will clay baths damage the metal in the implant?

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        A good friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer( she’s a mammogram radiologist go figure), I just found this and I sent this information to her, thank you for your information, it covers mainly every question!!

  • Colleen Johnson says:

    What is the name of the clay, and where can I purchase it?

  • WHY do you use a metal spoon to mix the clay? Metal will bind to the clay. Suppose to use plastic spoon! Also shake the clay in a glass bottle to dissolve it!

  • Heavy Metal and Mercury Poisoning Symptoms says:

    as an alkalizing agent in the body, bentonite clay is a fantastic alternative source of a natural detox from mercury toxicity that is safe and

  • I was wondering, Is it ok to add Epsom salts with the clay baths?

    • I would personally say no because you kill the minerals in the epson salt with the clay that bunds them. One at a time is definitely much more effective.

      • Thank you so much for this . I am about to have a foot bath using Bentonite Clay and i was going to add Epson salts . many thanks .

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