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Are you STRESSED? Good Sleep Reduces Stress


Most people think they don't have stress. But have you ever tried a Heart Rate Variability Test? You'd be surprised.

95% of all Americans and just under 92% of all Australians have stress related diseases and suffer the consequences of a modern day life.

Stress is caused by many things but most of all by “not knowing how to resolve a problem“. The longer you are stuck without a solution the greater the stress. This is true for prolonged financial crisis, ongoing relationship problems, being bullied at home or at work, grief, trauma, jealousy, neglect, career problems and so on.  Especially health issues with no hope of betterment are at the top of the list.

The most important observation here is that “being stuck” means that you can not see a solution even if it's right in front of your eyes. We call this BLINDING STRESS when you are too involved and can not see the situation from a detached perspective.

In order to resolve this STRESS lets look at recent advancements to map the brains various neurological changes during stress and sleep.

Beta Wave – (13-40 Hz)

You are wide awake where you are focussed, concentrated and highly alert.

During day you find yourself primarily in Beta wave state. This state holds your personality and is were you actively engage with the world. The lower range from 13 to 25 Hz  is required for daily tasks, routine jobs and all the things that do not cause any mental and emotional anxiety.

Beta waves in the range of 25 to 40 Hz are achieved whenever you are tense, stressed, anxious, afraid, angry, or have any other heightened emotion. They activate the fight and flight mode that produces excessive amounts of adrenaline, cortisol and dopamine. The increased amount of hormones and neurotransmitters then shuts down body functions like digestion, nutrient uptake, detoxification, healing and repair in favour of increases mental alertness and muscle response.

It is well known that any prolonged state of stress is directly related to many different chronic diseases present in our society today. Your constant exposure to stressful environments and your inability to change your mental state (letting go) perpetuates illness.

Alpha wave – (7.5–12.5 Hz)

Your creative, happy state where you are relaxed and more receptive.

About 20% of your waking day is in the alpha wave state. This state is either shortly after waking in the morning or before falling asleep. Sometimes you reach these Alpha waves while reading a book, listening to music, daydreaming, watching a sunset or a butterfly at play.

This state is your contemplative state and much more perceptive to deeper understanding. Very often you remember in that time what your conscious mind (Beta Waves) could not remember. Or you have insights that could not be achieved while thinking hard.

During Alpha waves self awareness is greatly enhanced and you come up with solutions your active mind could never see. These minutes during the day help to recharge your batteries before you return into the turmoil that often accompanies the Beta wave state.

Theta wave – (4–7 Hz)

This wave length is often referred to as meditative, problem solving or intuitive state.

Theta waves are often referred to as your meditative state. Its where you switch of conscious thought and your mind starts to convert short term memory into long term memory. In this state you are able to reach a higher level of self awareness and consciousness. Theta waves are the birthplace of deep insights and where you find solutions that are hidden to the conscious mind.

Theta waves also initiate your physical repair. All detoxification processes are activated once you mind is at rest. This part of sleep is very crucial as it is the only time your body can fully focus on organ repair, immune response and detoxification.

If everything is OK you naturally enter Theta waves approximately 30 minutes after you fall asleep. You experience this state completely unconscious yet it gives you the energy to live and move on. Meditation masters train to be able to achieve this state consciously without falling asleep because it's described as the closest state to being one with God. Its a state of oneness and unconditional love which recharges all of our cells.

Another added benefit is that pain is switched off when you are in Theta state. You do not feel any pain when you sleep. That’s why many clinics now incorporate brain wave manipulation in order to stay drug free during a treatment. This increases results and reduces side effects.

Delta wave – (0.1–4 Hz)

Delta is associated with DEEP sleep, healing and repair.

Delta wave frequency is achieved during deep sleep about 2 hours before midnight. If you look at the chart to the left you see that this state is only achieved once at the beginning of the night. It is the state in which physical repair and healing occurs. The conscious and unconscious mind rest and are unbound by restraints to drift.

 Many of the physical functions in the body shut down and energy is focused on rejuvenation and healing of damaged areas. Unfortunately many people today are not able to successfully cascade through the different brain wave states into deep delta sleep.

Perpetuated by ill health, hormonal imbalances, lack of energy and poor lifestyle choices, deep, restoring sleep is not reached and therefore healing cannot occur. Some of the most obvious reasons are pain, going to bed too late and disturbances during sleep.


With understanding of neuroscience you are able to combine two approaches  into one powerful treatment.

The first solution creates an environment which allows your body and mind to cascade through all relevant brain wave states into deep sleep. To achieve this you first reduce external stress in the evening and slow down before you go to bed. Read a book or listen to some music. Breathing exercises are a great way to increase oxygen uptake and to relax the mind. Optimise physical health and increase vitality and all biological function with the necessary supplementation and exercise. Declutter where you sleep. Your bedroom should be a sacred place to heal. SO get rid of electronics that prevent that.

The second solution is a dual approach which incorporates direct manipulation of your brain wave state through sound and light.

Over the past 5 years we have experienced with the TH-PRO which is a device that combines the spoken word (guided imagery) or music over-layed with binaural beats and light frequencies to actively influence and manipulate your brain waves and slow them down.


Similar in size to an IPod the TH-PRO comes with headphones (audio 30%) and light masks (visual 70%) to deliver light and sound frequencies into the brain through your ears and closed eyelids.

With programs deigned specifically for:

  • getting to sleep ,
  • getting back to sleep after you woke up at night,
  • waking up and
  • relaxation during the day

the TH-PRO helps your body and mind to relax and thereby to heal.

This non invasive process is completely drug free and can be used every time you feel overwhelmed, stressed or in fear. The light and sound frequencies will affect your mental state very fast and will help you relax deeper than you could in hours on your own. Even advanced meditation masters confirm that this device takes you very fast to the theta brain wave state which can take you years to learn.

Each category of sleep programs induces either Beta, Alpha or Theta brain frequencies as a goal.

  • Wake up will take you from Alpha to Beta.
  • Getting to sleep will start at Beta and ends at Theta
  • Go back to sleep starts at Alpha ending in Theta
  • Relaxation and Rejuvenation takes from Beta into Alpha.

This bi-fold approach allows your body to begin the healing process as the environmental factors are changed over time. Furthermore it enables you to begin daily relaxations sessions and to induce a healing sleep immediately.


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