All you know vs All you don’t. The BriLin Centre

We have just finished the first workshop of the 2015 world tour in the small South Island town of Timaru, New Zealand. Given its size and population we had a really great turn out. Health professionals, cancer patients and even an Oncologist from Malaysia were in the fold. What I found most exiting were the people there that do not suffer any ailments, but had a genuine interest in educating themselves and others about how to better care for themselves and the lives of others. In a way they wanted to help prevent and reverse disease, and ultimately live healthier and happier lives.

I was somewhat taken aback, when asking a young man on his thoughts of the two day workshop. He enthusiastically told me how ‘good' he thought it was, than in the same sentence, he also informed me how he found it ‘bad' at the same time.  Whilst soaking up the information being presented he realised how little he actually knew and how much knowledge there is out there to be gained. I could see the look in his eyes as he explained this to me, and his feelings resonated with me as I have experienced exactly the same. Hence the title of this article.


We have had the pleasure to spend the best part of a week with Ron Bisset and the team at the BriLin Centre in Timaru.  We were really impressed with the effort, knowledge and passion that has gone into creating an effective approach to better health and healing, be it with a wide variety of ‘energy medicine' devices like Rife, Multi Wave Oscillator, FIR dome, PEMF, Scenar, Violet Ray, supplementation, diet education and a somewhat male approach to health!

While talking to Ron and others we have met on this leg of the trip, the theme of ‘what we know vs what we do not' has never been more clear to me. People have been asking questions and awaiting the answers with the same enthusiasm of a playful dog waiting for his favourite stick to be thrown. There is a real need for this information and you can see the reaction in people when ‘the penny drops' and they realise just how far off course we have traveled when it comes to our health.

Speaking to Ron and learning of his story and his motivation behind setting up the centre, I was really taken aback for the second time and the lesson sunk in, so as to truly become a part of who I am.

Ron explained to us one evening after tea;
‘If only I knew then, what I know now, maybe my daughter would still be alive today.' He paused, than continued;
‘If only I knew then, what I know now, maybe my wife would still be alive today'

He uttered these words with a certain sense of regret, but I could also see in his glazed late night eyes, a sense of hope and compassion, that you can only truly understand if you know this man or have seen what he has done, for many people over many years.

Why are we so scared of the unknown?

Do we think that we are immune to certain things as long as we don't know?

I don't believe that we need to know everything. That would be impossible and not serve us any purpose. What I do believe is that there are certain things that directly effect us that should be common knowledge and be taught to us as children. The reality is, that right now we have the perfect opportunity to learn these things, for ourselves, and then the opportunity to pass the information on, to our children and those around us.

As we all should know, what affects one, will in some way have an effect on another.

The enthusiasm and warmth we have experienced while in the South Island has been really refreshing. Rural New Zealand farmers sitting around in the morning, having a Rife Frequency session, enjoying a good laugh and joke, taking the ‘Micky' out of each other. While comparing each other's tomato growing skills, was definitely one of the highlights for me. We all know how good laughter and light heartedness is for us, and I have no doubt this plays a real part in the treatment and recovery of the souls who attend the centre.

As you will see in the video of testimonials from the Timaru event, the spark in some people's eyes. As if they have finally found clarity, or a veil has been lifted to expose the true nature of themselves as powerful individuals and the possibilities that are within reach in this life.

The more we know; the more we grow.

I am living proof of this, and challenge anyone to put this theory to the test. 

We now travel to Auckland, where an eager and growing number of attendees await. If you, or anyone you know are in the general Auckland area, or anywhere on the North Island for that matter, secure your place now or spread the word. I can promise you, you won't be disappointed, and will leave the workshop feeling liberated and enlightened.

Much love and respect.

Rick Connolly

Comments (2)

  • Chris Gudsell

    Life is for living and cancer can open up so many doors on the journey. There is a massive difference between living with cancer and dying with cancer. The "Truly Heal" programme can help to open these doors with knowledge, training, support etc. on the journey of "Living with cancer". Thanks Marcus and all who are involved with the "Truly Heal" programme. You guys rock.

  • Rick Connolly

    Hi Chris, you're exactly right mate. It's just a matter of the Awareness of 'A better life and world through knowledge' growing greater throughout the general population, but most importantly with the kids and the younger generations of our society. This is where the change we really need is going to come from. It involves all of us, and as it catches on it is such a powerful force that completely changes lives and transforms people for the better. I feel i am living proof of this and I continue to evolve, so too do the people around me and the landscape of my life. It's a beautiful thing and totally available for all of us in existence. At the end of the day, it all just simply comes down to having an awareness of who you are and the world around you, I believe it's as simple as that it just takes a bit of application. All the best mate, take care!



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