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truly heal from cancer guide

  • Catherine Ann Smith says:

    Iam very much interested in your programs and also the book you authored “Trully Heal from Cancer” I was diagnosed with overran cancer and had one round of chemo before a complete hysterectomy….the first time the doctor opened me up on the operating table he closed me up, because everything was too swollen to remove anything.my first round of chemo was 12-2014–operation was 2-2015–I was recommend to have chemo again-6mo ago I choose to go to Bio Medical Center inTijuanaB.C., Mexico 22150 they put me on an herbal program for 6-months-February 28 will be 6- mos on this program I’m going for my blood test today to see where I’m at I’m making an appointment with primary care doctor this morning I would soo very much like to come and go on your program it is what I’ve been looking for!!

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