7 Lessons that guarantee a stunning career as a coach

Learn in 7 free lessons how to:
  • find your TRUE PURPOSE that propels you to success
  • turn your passion into EXPERTISE
  • organize your business for MAXIMUM ROI
  • ask for FAIR EXCHANGE for your services
  • create MASSIVE DESIRE until you have a 3 months waiting list
  • create PRODUCTS THAT SELL on their own
  • EARN more MONEY while working less.   Smart not hard!

What Others Have Said About this Course

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

These 7 videos are better than most paid business training programs  

“I am seriously impressed. The info in this course is outstanding. Marcus has gathered all elements of success into a training he could easily sell for more than $750 and it would be well worth the money. Some of his recommendations are so powerful that they changed my practice in a matter of minutes. Just learning how to evaluate the benefit for the client uplifts your self worth manyfold. Thanks for sharing such outstanding value!

Marc Koroneon (Life & Fitness Coach )
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I was hesitant to join ... but i am happy I did!

"This training offers more insights than I ever expected. I was thunderstruck by many bold statements and had to adjust many of my believes. The result can only be described as freedom, independence and an increased level of self confidence. I will work through all exercises several times until I truly own them. Thank you so much for sharing such a treasure!

Dana Lichtener (Nutritionists and Health Coach student)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

This course turned 4 new clients into 33 word of mouth referrals

“Marcus is a very inspirational teacher. I implemented each of the 7 steps diligently into my coaching practice. The first change after increasing my hourly rate and reducing my availability were 4 dedicated and committed clients. Then word of mouth started to bring 33 new clients. Today I have a waiting list.

Chriss Newton (Blog Designer)

I am proud and excited to be part of the TRULY HEAL team!

“I am 2/3 finished with the TRULY HEAL practitioner certification and can only say WOW. This program represents the most comprehensive form of functional medicine I have seen in 20 years of practice. Combined with this career training that helps you set up a successful practice this course is more than complete. It's the ideal combination of entrepreneurship, work ethics and prosperity planning that I have found anywhere. 

Dr. Med. Alvar Lahti