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functional medicine training for health professionals

For Health Coaches & Professionals

Functional Medicine Training for everybody who works with patients.

This training is for you if you want to get away from treating disease and rather treat the patient who has the disease . Many doctors and clinicians call this process “Cause finding medicine” or “Functional medicine”. 

In this free 6 part video training, we will outline the process of functional medicine for you in practical terms. Using the techniques shared in this video training will set you apart and help you streamline your process to help your clients achieve fast and lasting results.

Functional Medicine Training for patients and caregivers

For Patients and Caregivers

Functional Medicine Training  for self healing or support of a loved one.

The best question to ask, if you want to prevent or heal from cancer is….


Once you are aware of all relevant causes that cause to your unique situation, preventing is easy and healing has a new meaning.  You are given a detailed plan of action that can be implemented by patients and caregivers alike. 

Clinic & Home Treatments

Ozone university free ozone training
Pemf training
hyperthermia training
free rife training Trulyheal

Watch the TRULY HEAL Documentary

Truly Heal Documentary

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