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The Truly Heal Pro is a iPod-like delivery system, a headset and glasses with built in LED panels. It can assist in pain relief, stress relief and relaxation.

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What can the TH-PRO do for you?

Recent research shows excessive stress can suppress the immune system. Therefore, it's vital to incorporate a program of stress reduction and relaxation into your everyday routine. By reducing anxiety and stress, and increasing relaxation, you can boost your immune system and use your own unlimited resources to improve your life.

  • Increased blood flow to the brain, resulting in clearer thinking, better concentration, improved memory and enhanced creativity
  • Increased serotonin level up to 21% which calms the mind and body and creates an overall sense of wellbeing
  • Stress reduction – excess adrenaline is flushed
  • A better ability to manage stress
  • Increased creativity and insight
  • Reduction in pain is often experienced
  • Better and deeper sleep patterns

What is TH-PRO?

The Truly Heal Pro is a iPod-like delivery system, a headset and glasses with built in LED panels. It is sophisticated yet simple to operate, portable, and proven with over 6,000 people enjoying and benefiting from the Truly Heal Pro Experience.

See the TH-PRO in action

How does the TH-PRO work?

The program played on the device begins by creating a frequency background that is in sync with your current brain frequency state. This allows your brain to easily link with the TH Pro frequency and harmonize with subsequent frequency changes.

Slowly but surely the Program frequency slows, and your mind typically moves from the wide awake state, past the daydreaming place, to the wonderful world of theta. It’s here that you experience the remarkable program that you’ve chosen for yourself. Near the end of the program, the frequency is designed to gently move your mind back to the place where you started, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated, essentially the same as if you just had a two hour nap.

There are also programs specifically designed to help you go to sleep and go back to sleep.

The TH-PRO will help you also with your MEDITATION

Understanding the Mind

Understanding how our mind functions gives us the tools we need to create the results we desire. Lets see what the brain does when you are asleep.

brain-during-sleepBeta Brainwave State

Most of our time is spent in the brainwave state of Beta. Beta is our conscious wide-awake state. Beta is the only brainwave state where you can feel pain, fear, anxiety, and stress. When we shift to doing something we enjoy or slip off into a daydream we move into the Alpha brainwave state.

Alpha Brainwave State

Humans actually spent about 25% of their awake time in Alpha. Have you ever looked out a window or driven down the road and then wondered what happened to the time or wondered how you got there. You were in Alpha.

states-of-sleepTheta Brainwave State

Theta is the brainwave state we all go to just before sleep. Theta is our creative state, when we are in Theta our mind is free to explore, invent and create the solutions we are seeking. The great thinkers of the world like Einstein and Tesla used the brainwave state Theta to find solutions to their problems. For some of us however, as we get older it is harder and harder to go to the Theta state. Reaching the Theta brainwave state when not intending to go to sleep is referred to as meditation. The relaxation and stress reduction acquired from clearing the mind and letting go of the tension in the world around us is physically and mentally beneficial to the body.

Delta Brainwave State

Delta is one of the most important states. It's in Delta state where our body does its healing. Delta is where you rejuvenate and repair your organs. It’s where the biggest portion of healing happens. Wound healing is expedited during that time.

Theta in 7 Minutes!

The Truly Heal Pro allows the user to go to Theta in seven minutes. It would take a Monk 30 years to reach the same relaxed Theta brainwave state the equipment takes you to in seven minutes. Listening only 20 minutes per day reduces stress, which is according to the National Institute of Health, is the cause of 90% of all illness, and increases serotonin 21% and endorphins by 25%. Additionally because the process duplicates sleep the user also experiences the equivalent of 2 to 4 hours worth of sleep.

Pre-loaded Programs

Worry Free Sleep

One of the things that prevents us from sleeping is the habit of worrying. When we worry we tend to hold on to stress, tension and anxiety. Let the voice of Adoley Adunton guide you through washing away all the worry, so you can achieve a peaceful sleep. This session is encoded to put your brain in a theta rhythm, which brings a natural sleep.

Sleep Like A Baby

Sleeping is easy and natural. Your body is designed to do it. Have you ever watched a baby sleeping? After all its needs have been met, it falls asleep quickly and soundly. You too will know how to sleep like that, since you have known how to since you were a little child. Adoley Adunton will guide you back to that time, so you can recover your ability to surrender to sleep. This session is encoded to put your brain in a theta rhythm, which brings a natural sleep.

Rest an evening relaxation for sleep

Sit back, relax and unwind from a stressful day with this powerful TGI stress reduction mediation narrated by Dr. Jonathan Ellerby. This session is encoded to put your brain in a theta rhythm, which brings a natural sleep.

Creating Your Stress Free Future by Michael Grady

In this session, you are going to focus on future situations that could come up and be stressful; and by taking control of the stress when it surfaces, you are able to take control of your life. Your brain can choose any thought that you want to think at any moment in your life; you can choose to experience any feeling you would like to create right now. When you have control of your thoughts, you can set your future to be stress less by trusting in the process, knowing you can take 100% control of everything that happens to and around you. You know that when a situation comes up, everything works out to your ultimate advantage because you choose it to be. You can expand on this new powerful approach to your life, knowing you can create what you want to feel, as you create your new reality.

Using Chi Energy to Clear Blockages in the Body by Michael Grady

In this session, you will be guided through a process to build up chi energy in your body and use it to clear the blockages that have been built up by stress and negative thoughts. You will be taught a specific breathing technique that will build chi energy in your body, and you will use this energy to clear out the blockages. Over time, we have forgotten how to properly breathe and this is one of the causes of added stress and disease. Utilizing chi energy to decrease the stress that you have, you will find yourself more energized during the day with a clear mind; and your body will be more restored, healthy and revitalized. You will continue to reduce stress at a level you never thought possible, and you will have mental clarity and better well being.

Pain Free Life with White Light

Relax and let Suzy Prudden guide you to new ways of managing your pain.

The Healing Image by Dr. Emmett Miller

You will be guided to what Dr. Miller calls “The Healing State,” Link to Glossary a state of a focused attention during which your imagery will be most effective. In addition, by finding mental images which our most meaningful to you, you will be most able to engage the ability of your brain and nervous system to create the inner conditions best suited to healing, comfort, and the highest level of function.

Clearing Your Cells with Love by Max Highstein's Clearing Cancer program

Traditionally, guided imagery for cancer focused on stimulating the immune system with “warfare” imagery. A patient would visualize fighting their cancer with artillery blasts, laser guns, and other violent means to stimulate the immune system. But rather than add negativity to an already difficult situation, this program takes another approach. In this guided meditation, you’ll spend time in a cozy room inside your own heart center, and send rays of healing light to cancer cells. Powered by love, the rays automatically seek out and eliminate cancer cells where every they may be, by making each cell realize “I don’t belong here”, and dematerialize of its own accord. Vibrant music and colorful imagery bring this program to life, making it dramatic and powerful.

Emotional Support for Healing by Max Highstein's Clearing Cancer program

This guided healing meditation helps relieve emotional components that may have contributed to illness, and may be impeding healing. When you’re recovering from cancer, you need all the energy reserves your body can pull together to heal. Energy that is tied up in stored feelings of anger, sadness, or fear is energy that could otherwise be used to help your body heal. Freeing up that energy can make a big difference in your recovery. In this tender and gentle guided imagery program, you’ll connect with your inner child to gain insight into any feelings you might be holding that could be getting in the way of your healing. Then you’ll have the opportunity to release those feelings and regain lost energy. The meditation leads you step by step, making the process simple and effective.

The Zone of Health and Healing by Jeffery Howard

As you relax and balance your body, you move into your ideal state of being in the zone of health and healing. Your most powerful tool for health and healing is your marvelous and infinite mind. Your body replenishes, rejuvenates and cleanses itself constantly without your having to think one conscious thought about it. Whether you are in good health and desire to maintain or improve that state, or whether you are experiencing a physical, mental or emotional challenge that requires more attention, how you communicate with yourself, with inner faith, and belief will have a dramatic effect on your desired outcome. Remarkable results and miraculous healings happen every day. Anything is possible and you are now open to all possibilities as your first step to a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

You are Love by Brenda Wade

Like most people, you have experienced heartbreak and heartache; and your beautiful, powerful heart wanting to close, wanting to shut down so that you can be safe, safe from the risk, safe from the possibility of ever having your heart hurt again. It’s not possible to live with a closed heart. There is something in us that is beyond our conscious control, the thing that makes each of us human, and it’s that compelling energy of the Divine, God, the Universe, the Light; that part of us insists that we learn to open our hearts. It’s only when our hearts are open that we can actually experience our true nature, experience ourselves as the most powerful, the most beautiful beings that we can each be. When we close our hearts, we cut off the flow of our life force, our life essence—it’s our nature, you can’t run from it. Choose to stand for love, before you lose the chance in this lifetime; the chance to experience fully, powerfully, and courageously who you truly are—you are love.


Set to tranquil music, Deepak Chopra guides you into the stillness, the silence between your thoughts, the silence that is you. You are the window to the infinite mind, the mystery we call God – God is whispering to you in the silent space between your thoughts. Wisdom traditions say “be still and know that I am God.” The stillness is the secret part of you that transcends space and time; the part of you that is immortal. In the stillness you find the secret part of you that will continue to evolve, as the Universe evolves. When you relax your body whenever stress overwhelms you, come back to the secret space of your heart – you are the stillness, you are the silence between the thoughts – return to your stillness, that stillness, that silence is you. This session is encoded to put your brain in a theta rhythm, which brings a natural sleep.

Design Your Destiny

Lisa Nichols accompanies you on a journey of guided imagery. You allow your body to completely relax and thoughts to melt away and to be totally present as you visualize a serene setting. You can tap into what is possible, into what the Creator can create on your behalf. You engage your mind to surrender and accept your greatness, accept your value and remove the opposing conversation. Recognize that you are designed for greatness and your past experiences perfectly prepare you for your future. Say yes to your greatness. Only you can design your destiny. You are the culmination of all past choices. You are the creator of all future choices. Your life will be a constant reflection of your choices and the lessons you learn are perfect. You are God's perfection in a physical form. You have everything you need within you to walk the path you have chosen and experience the life you want to experience – bliss, joy, peace of mind and crazy amazing love are yours. You have everything in you to make those moments and experiences your reality.

Affirming Self by Bob Proctor

In this inspirational session, you learn that what you have identified as weaknesses within yourself are false perceptions which can be released and dissolved from your mind. Your weaknesses are not real; they are false concepts placed in your mind. As you release them, you are healed. You replace them with a greater power, and you give that power to the talent, ability and the consciousness that you possess. You release these false concepts that damage the image that you have of yourself. You let them go; you don’t give them any power. Everything you are is yours forever; you are developing a desire to share that beautiful truth. Your mind is the greatest power in all of creation and it is ever seeking greater expression and greater expansion. Make certain you never sell yourself short; if you have the slightest desire to do something, you have been blessed with the power and ability to do it.

Inner Journey by Les Brown

A straight-from-the-heart, high-energy, passionate CVR message, motivates and engages all participants to step into their greatness; providing them with the motivation to take the next step toward living their dream.

12 reviews for TH-PRO

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love mine. Had problems to sleep for years caused by adrenal exhaustion😩 Now I sleep like a baby. Titled up my life, destress regularly and use the th-pro all the time. Recommend it highly when you need to calm down.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5


    Bought it for myself but it didn’t have any significant results for me but instead my wife uses it daily and really enjoys it.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jacqui Bello

    I’m a single mother of 3 young energy filled children, I work part time as well as attempt to keep up with all the house work. If any of you know how much work this is, you’ll understand how run down you can get. It wasn’t until a friend recommend me the TH PRO glasses and said it would help with my chronic stresses and inability to sleep due to my adrenal fatigue. Being a skeptical mother running on a budget I borrowed my friends TH glasses to try them out and see if they would be useful to me. It took a few try’s until I was able to leave my blocked mindset behind and let myself fully listen to the programs. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with my TH PRO glasses. They let me de-stress and relax. I am able to fall asleep at night using the program for sleep. I don’t regret this purchase instead, I recommend every mother or individual dealing with stress, sleep difficulties to get themselves the TH PRO.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    This thing is really cool and works! I only have one negative comment about the TH PRO and that would need to be the cables. I HATE the cable mess.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    The TH PRO is such a great device, I enjoy all the programs and the one’s I added myself. I am using the TH PRO every single day! I can’t go anywhere without mine. A few weeks ago my cable ripped so I contacted the company and Jessica sent me a new one within just a few days! I want to thank TH PRO for such an awesome product, speedy service and good quality!

  6. Rated 4 out of 5


    Anyone suffering with sleep issues or stress? Buy yourself a TH PRO. Trust me you won’t regret it.

  7. Rated 4 out of 5


    I use my TH PRO for pain therapy. It’s a good device, and it really helps.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lisette Rey

    I’m sure I’m not the only person but I have issues dealing with stress, even small stressful situations are almost too much for me to handle and it affects my health. To be perfectly honest I had to force myself to use the TH PRO device. It took a while until I used it on a regular basis, but it really helped me deal and just 20 mins a day did wonders. It’s like a lifesaver now!

  9. Rated 4 out of 5


    One necessity when it comes to traveling is having my TH PRO with me on the flight! So good.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very thankful for you TRULY HEAL, the TH PRO works wonders.

  11. Rated 1 out of 5


    I returned mine, it didn’t work for me, maybe I’m just too screwed up.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    This ended up being a great investment. I use it every night for sleep and I started using it during the day instead of a nap, really refreshes me. The one Item that was poor quality was the mask, I use the glasses but the mask is not soft enough for sleeping but I am still way ahead. It is a great way to get in a meditation mode before sleep or during a stressful day.

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