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What can the TH-AIR do for you?

Recent research shows excessive stress can suppress the immune system. Therefore, it's vital to incorporate a program of stress reduction and relaxation into your everyday routine. By reducing anxiety and stress, and increasing relaxation, you can boost your immune system and use your own unlimited resources to improve your life.

  • Increased blood flow to the brain, resulting in clearer thinking, better concentration, improved memory and enhanced creativity
  • Increased serotonin level up to 21% which calms the mind and body and creates an overall sense of wellbeing
  • Stress reduction – excess adrenaline is flushed
  • A better ability to manage stress
  • Increased creativity and insight
  • Reduction in pain is often experienced
  • Better and deeper sleep patterns

Understanding the Mind

Understanding how our mind functions gives us the tools we need to create the results we desire. Lets see what the brain does when you are asleep.

brain-during-sleepBeta Brainwave State

Most of our time is spent in the brainwave state of Beta. Beta is our conscious wide-awake state. Beta is the only brainwave state where you can feel pain, fear, anxiety, and stress. When we shift to doing something we enjoy or slip off into a daydream we move into the Alpha brainwave state.

Alpha Brainwave State

Humans actually spent about 25% of their awake time in Alpha. Have you ever looked out a window or driven down the road and then wondered what happened to the time or wondered how you got there. You were in Alpha.

states-of-sleepTheta Brainwave State

Theta is the brainwave state we all go to just before sleep. Theta is our creative state, when we are in Theta our mind is free to explore, invent and create the solutions we are seeking. The great thinkers of the world like Einstein and Tesla used the brainwave state Theta to find solutions to their problems. For some of us however, as we get older it is harder and harder to go to the Theta state. Reaching the Theta brainwave state when not intending to go to sleep is referred to as meditation. The relaxation and stress reduction acquired from clearing the mind and letting go of the tension in the world around us is physically and mentally beneficial to the body.

Delta Brainwave State

Delta is one of the most important states. It's in Delta state where our body does its healing. Delta is where you rejuvenate and repair your organs. It’s where the biggest portion of healing happens. Wound healing is expedited during that time.


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