PMT 120 PEMF Device

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US $21,000

PMT 120 is only available in USA.
The PMT120 Desktop PEMF comes with large Loop, Butterfly and a 4m Rope.


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What is PEMF?

The PMT 120 is a Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) device. PEMF is a type of electromagnetic therapy in which small magnetic currents are intermittently applied to the body.

Our bodies use magnetic fields to generate cellular energy. This increased energy is needed to help our bodies heal and regain balance. Claims of magnetic healing can be traced back more than 4000 years. According to the Yellow Emperor’s Canon in Internal Medicine, magnetic stones were applied to pressure points on the body to relieve pain.

Learn how the PMT 120 can help you and your clients reset and reactivate all cells in your body.

Who's using the PMT 120?

Cancer Patients

They may represent a new treatment approach to breast cancer without affecting normal cells and in a way that doesn’t require surgery. One study (Crocetti et al., 2013) tested the potential of low frequency machine to kill breast cancer cells. The damage done to these cells was noticed after three days of daily exposure to pulsed electromagnetic field systems.

Healthy cells are elastic and benefit from electromagnetic charge. Cancer cells in comparison are brittle and are destroyed by the sudden increase in negative ion charge.

Horse Trainers

Wait. What? Pulsed electromagnetic field systems are already “old-hat” in the equine industry. There has not been a single race horse winning the derby in the past 3 years who is not treated regularly with PEMF systems.

Pain and depression Sufferers

One study (Richards, 2000) documented patients with low back pain due to lumbar disc injuries, who failed to be treated with medical or surgical interventions. These patients were subjected to PEMF sessions and were followed for a period of 16 months. Fusion of their back bones was successful in almost 98% of patients who received PEMF compared to 53% of patients who received no stimulation.


Pulsed electromagnetic field systems aid top athletes in treatment of sports injuries


Now you’re just being silly! No really! PEMF is used to activate seeds or to stimulate growth in plants. Many growers have started to use a PMT 120 to increase their productivity. Due to the ringer effect all cell activity is greatly enhanced.

See the PMT 120 in action

How does the PMT 120 work?

cellInside each cell of your body is an “energy factory”. Surrounding this energy factory is a membrane of energy pathways through which nutrients go in and waste is expelled. Over time, these pathways are blocked by toxins so the cell can’t take in the nutrients it needs. This causes the cell to “deflate” and to not function as it should.

Have you ever seen someone beat the dust out of a rug? When they hit the rug with a stick, all of the dust and dirt is knocked into the air. This is sort of like how PEMF systems work. The magnetic current “hits” the cell and knocks the toxins free. The cell’s nutrient pathways are now clear and the cell can begin to take on nutrients again.

The other thing PEMF does is recharge deflated cells. Each cell has a positive charge outside and negative charge inside. If the charge inside is less than the charge outside it deflates. PEMF restores the electrical balance. It’s kind of like when you pump air into a deflated ball. The pressure inside the ball is greater than the pressure outside so the ball inflates big and round.

Who Can’t Use It?

E2215-pacemakers-signIf you have a pacemaker or similar device, sorry but DO NOT use this machine. As mentioned before PEMF uses magnetic fields and this will disrupt your pacemaker.

The PMT 120 machine from PEMF Systems Inc. should not be used over any organ with vascular metal clips, including the brain, and with cardiac stents and metallic valves.

Metal clips in the brain are an absolute contraindication, because of the risk of rupturing a blood vessel. Stents and metallic valves are a relative contraindication/precaution, since the coils can be used only at a very low intensity safely. At high intensities the magnetic field will tug at the metals as they pulsate with the blood vessel or the beating of the heart.

What are the PEMF therapy reviews saying?

Dr. Hector Enciso,

Team doctor for Club Tijuana soccer club

Garry F. Gordon MD,

Director of the Gordon Research Institute

Visualize this treatment as a life-energy-boost that mobilizes all your cells to the max capacity.

white-blood-cells-beforeIn the image to the left you see 2 white blood cells circled in red in an anaerobic and inflamed body. They are about the size of a red blood cell. Highly compressed and completely immobile. There was hardly any movement visible inside the cell.

While observing the blood on screen we realized that all cells, red and white fell apart within 3 to 8 min. The outer membrane disintegrated and the cell collapsed in a very short time. This lack of energy was also apparent in the patient. No energy at all. She complained about fatigue and high levels of stress.

If you see these two compressed cells representing your complete immune system then there is little hope for any healing or defense. These cells can barely survive on their own, despite performing their job.

white blood cells afterIt is also very evident that no chemical substance (vitamin C, DCA, B17, or Artemisin) which would normally be used for treatment of cancer would have any effect in such a state. Not even oxygen in high concentration could bind to these cells and mobilize the blood.

In this picture you see the blood sample from the same patient just 20 minutes later after a 15 min PEMF mat device treatment.

(YES it’s the same patient and YES just 20 minutes later)

As you can see the white blood cell is about 3 times the size of the red blood cell and it moved very actively across the screen. Inside the cell the cytoplasm shimmered and moved vibrantly.

All cells held the membrane stability and mobility for around 45 min and tested again the next day in the morning the blood looked like this.

4 reviews for PMT 120 PEMF Device

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Braidy Tate

    To be honest, when I first heard about the PEMF PMT 120 I was incredibly skeptical, it sounds so unreal! It’s a electromagnetic therapy which restores your bodies optimal mitochondrial energy. As an athlete who does lots of strenuous activities, I often have sore muscles and problematic areas. Including the fact that there are constant knee pains, ankle injuries and so forth. Unable to resist the urge me and a few athlete friends split the costs and purchased a machine. It is amazing how powerful the PMT 120 is. Pain and stiffnesses resolves so much faster, injuries heal better and quicker. I feel like I have much more energy. All of us use the device regularly before and after our activities.

  2. Rebecca

    My dr. has one of these machines. After using it regular for 2 months a growth on my ovary shrunk several centimeters. After one treatment I had so much more energy. It really makes a difference.

  3. Steve.

    Where the heck do you get these prices from the man on the street cannnnnot aford these prices. Nothing that is made in China can be worth that. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I would love on but they are well out of my price range. 😂😂

    • MF

      Why don’t you find a local practitioner? There are so many devices all over the world to have local treatments. These are the top of the line products produced in California USA which are mostly sold to practitioners. They have a lot of research and quality controls because they are used in clinical environments which makes them so expensive.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Two questions:

    1) Do these devices filter out the dirty electricity from switching power supplies that are present on all modern 110/220V mains power lines?

    You do not want high-frequency EMFs leaking into the PEM machine! This is especially important for people who are electrically sensitive.

    2) This is related to question 1; is the output of the PMT-120 filtered so that high-frequency EM fields do not leak into the coil?

    There are good EM fields and there are bad. The bad ones come from mobile phones, Wifi-devices, switching power supplies, and computers. How does the PMT-120 guarantee that the output field is pure and clean, and that it does not contain stray noise?

    Thank you!

    • Marybeth Kavanagh


      Because the machine is mostly OFF the pulse is 3 microseconds long it is not continuous like EM smog/pollution. Meaning my calculations are during a average session 15 minutes the person would receive .0108 of a second energy. to get a whole second would require 92.6 sessions.

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