5 Most Popular Home Treatments With OZONE

Ozone is one of the best remedies to heal tight junctions and the mucus associates lymphatic tissue which is in your mouth, sinus, toncils, skin, gut, vagina and colon. All of these areas can be treated with ozone very successfully.

Below you find some of the most effective treatments indicated with research tables and charts. Please follow the instructions in the videos to be safe.

Rectal Insufflation with Ozone

Always use  Ozone O3 fresh.

If you need to transport Ozone please consider the decomposition chart to the right. You can roughly say that O3 decomposes in 2 hours to half the value. So when you create a concentration of 80mg/l you have in 2 hours around 40mg/l.  But only if you keep the Ozone in the insufflation bag covered with ice chips in a cooling container or keep it in a fridge.  As soon as you reach room temperature the concentration dissolves back into O2 and water/condensation. 

truly heal ozone treatment ozone insufflation kit

Safety of Rectal  Ozone O3 treatments.

In a controlled study in Germany 716 patients were treated with 46,984 ozone insufflations with no system or product related incidents or adverse reactions. Only in patients with severe IBS a few minor transient irritations in the form of flatulence have been observed.  

Based on the results and evidence of the study outcome Rectal Ozone Insufflation was listed within the clinical range of evidence based medicine. 

Ozone Concentration and Dosage

Based on the results of fundamental research over the past 18 years the ozone concentrations and required total amounts can be given in concrete terms. The concentrations listed below are cited in the measurements 1 mg/l. 

Rectal ozone concentrations for systemic preventative and immune supporting applications are recommended with a concentration of 10 to 40 mg/l with a volume of 150 - 300 ml for adults and 10 - 30 ml for children.  

truly heal ozone treatment ozone insufflation kit

Only for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, haemorrhages, haemorrhoids, proctitis stage 1 and 2,  anal fistulae, rectal, prostrate and colon cancer concentrations of 70 - 90 mg/l  are recommended with small volumes of 50ml 3 - 5 times on a daily basis. This is reduced to 27mg/l with 100 - 300 ml volumes for maintenance 2 - 3 times per week.  

As per Dr. Rau from the Paracelsus clinic in Swiss  is Prostate cancer always connected with long term bacteria infections  which are directly treated with ozone. Rectal ozone stimulates the immune system, provides plentiful oxygen to the immune cells for the respiratory burst and therefore increases chances of a recovery. Dr. Robert Rowen MD has also stunning results using Ozone rectally. 

Here is a list of indications with best results based on clinical research for  rectal ozone insufflation


O3 Concentration

O3 Volume


No. of Treatments

Local Effects





Ulcerative colitis,
proctitis stage 1 and 2,
anal fistulae,
rectal, prostrate and colon cancer



daily at first
then 1 -2 x  per week

then maintenance
which is like
Cuba protocol. 



150ml - 300ml

2 - 3 x   per week

4 weeks then check

Anal Fistulae

10 - 42mg/l


Daily at first
then 2 x per week

4 weeks then check

Systemic Effects

General immune
activation, infections,
prevention, elderly



2 x per week

Series of 10 treatments
2-3 x per year

Arterial circulatory



2 x per week

Series of 10 treatments 
2-3 x per year

Diabetic angiopathy



2 x per week

In compliance
with patient


Before chemo / radiation




6 - 10 treatments

During, after, without
chemo / radiation



2 x per week

In compliance
with patient

Viral / Bacterial Diseases

Hepatitis B/C, Lyme
and other infections

25 mg/l


daily at first
then 1 - 3 x per week

Mostly 6 - 12 months

Rheumatoid Arthritis

20 - 27mg/l


2 x per week

In compliance
with patient

Cuba Protocol






1L / min

3/4L / min

1/2L / min

1/4L / min








150 ml









Applications and indications. 

Ozone water offers an array of treatment options that are safe, easy and very effective. 

 Produce Ozone water as shown in video above.  To achieve best results use fresh spring water and cool with ice. Cold/Iced water binds many more O3 molecules and holds longer.  When you want to use your O3 water later keep refrigerated. 

The max saturation you can achieve in cold water is around 20mg/l. It reacts immediately upon skin contact, contrary to ozone cream which has a long term effect.


Indications are: Local infections, ulcus cruis, decubitus ulcers, mycosis and mycotic infections, herpes simplex and herpes zoster, burns, super infected burns (radiation burns), intraoperative rinsing, eye injuries and infections, surgical scars, edemas of traumatic or bacterial origin.​

Besides  generally improving your energy levels and balancing your gut dysbiosis Ozone water can also be used externally on infected wounds, burns, cuts and injuries. Especially chronic non healing wounds like diabetic foot and burn wounds can easily be treated with either  -ozone water, -ozone baths, -ozone spray or -ozone compresses.  


Ozone water kills virus, fungi, mould and bacteria such as E. coli, yeast, salmonella, listeria, helicobacter pylori, and many more. It also optimises liver and kidney functions while showing proven results with candida and many other imbalances of the gut.

The increased Oxygen uptake also has a miraculous effect on the brain and stimulates a much brighter outlook into the future. You heal your nervous system and increase your neurotransmitter functions. .

Recommendations for drinking Ozone water are inconsistent. Some doctors recommend up to 1/2 litre per day and others recommend 2 teaspoons per day with equal results. Some recommend to consume all at once while others ask you to spread your consumption out through the day. All concepts seem logical and have proven results yet it's really hard to find a clear recommendation. 

My personal  recommendation after extensive testing is .... DO IT!

It does not matter how much and how often. Ozone water does not taste very good, which means you will not be very diligent with this new health regiment. Rather vary with small or little amounts based on how many people you have to share your O3 water with. Some days you get little, and other days you have it all for yourself and can spread it out through the day.  Just do it and observe how your energy level rises, your gut inflammation cools down and your body becomes saturated with enough oxygen to deal with life much more efficient and joyful. 


Sinus Treatments with Ozone

There is not much to say about nasal O3 treatments other than that they are very effective already at very low concentrations of 16mg/l to 23mg/l Repeat max 3 x per day. This treatment can tickle and cause discomfort in the beginning as bacteria die off. You will also have a lot of snot coming from your sinus area which will eventually clean out. just don't do this treatment before you have an important meeting. You may be indisposed.

Combine with Neti Pot to achieve better results. 

A neti pot is a great tool to rinse and clean out the sinus cavities. You can use salt water or  ozone water. If combined with ozone gas insufflation into the nasal cavity the results are simply spectacular because even old chronic sinusitis disappears just after a few days without any side effects.

The key to success is that you do the treatment repeatedly until the worst is over and then continue on a maintenance​ program for at least 2 to 3 months with 2 - 3 treatments per week. This way even old deep seated bacteria can be eliminated and cleaned out. 


There is not much to say about  O3 ear treatments other than that they are very effective already at very low concentrations of 16mg/l to 23mg/l Repeat max 3 x per day. 

I have personally treated my own ear infection and already after 2 treatments all symptoms were gone.​


Topical Treatments with Ozone

Infected and inflamed slow healing wounds, fungi or yeast infections at your legs or arms, diabetic gangrene, radiation burns, rejuvenation,  are best treated with either bathing and rinsing with ozone water or by directly applying the gas on the wound. 


  • Rinse, soak or wash the infected body part with Ozone water as indicated in the table below.
  • Insert the infected body part into the bag and seal with either tape or a strap. Be careful not to restrict the blood supply by tightening to hard. Keep the bagged area as small as necessary to concentrate the effect to where it's needed. 
  • Set the flow regulator to the desired l/m as indicated in the table below. 
  • Connect the ozone generator to the plastic bag connector directly above the wound. ​
  • Suck the air out of the bag at the other end of the bag and connect the destruct unit to the plastic connector. 
  • Close the outlet to the destruct unit with either fingers or toes until the bag is fully inflated. 
  • Treat for as long as necessary and repeat until the wound has healed. 


Ozone Concentration

Form of Application

Treatment Time

Treatment Frequency

Decubitus Ulcers

80 - 100mg/l at first
then 23 - 30mg/l 

Low Pressure Suction Cup

2- 10 min at first

Daily first
then 1 - 2 x per week

Diabetic Gangrene

80 - 100mg/l at first

then 20 - 30mgll

Low pressure plastic bag

10 - 20 min

Daily first
then 1 - 2 x per week

Ulcus Cruris

80 - 100mg/l at first
then 23 - 30mg/l 

Low pressure plastic bag

10 - 20 min

Daily first
then 1 - 2 x per week

Wound Healing

20 - 30mg/l

Plastic bag + Compresses
+ Rinsing with O3 water

1 - 5 min

Several Times Daily

Burns Stage 2 and 2

20 - 30mg/l

Plastic bag + Compresses 
+ Rinsing with O3 water

10 - 20 min

1 - 2 x per day

Bacterial, Fungal
and Mold Infections

80 - 100mg/l at first
then 23 - 30mg/l 

Plastic bag 
+ Soaking in O3 water

10 - 30 min

1 - 2 x per day

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