We have been repeatedly asked what the key aspects are to heal from cancer, lyme or any other degenerative disease. I've therefore decided to create a series of posts to give you a much better overview on what you need and how to set up a true healing environment in your home.

Throughout this series I will provide some significant suggestions which I want you to discuss with your health practitioner or health coach for further investigation.

We all know that healing from a chronic disease is a job for life and not limited to a 3 week clinic stay. Even if the cancer or symptoms to another chronic disease did melt away like ice in the sun during a treatment it's just the beginning of a wonderful journey that brings you consciousness and heals all aspects of your life.


In case you are not aware that stress is directly linked to cancer and all other degenerative diseases check out this article first. It will give you a good understanding why STRESS is one of the key factors that need to be resolved.

To reduce STRESS most practitioners recommend you to do yoga, breathing exercises, walk in nature and to set up a STRESS FREE space which commonly means mediation, candles, incenses and crystals where you take time out with no disturbances.

This is definitely a great place to start and I recommend a space like this (without carcinogenic artificial incenses), but STRESS FREE means so much more.

To truly be STRESS FREE, you first need to check what the main stressors in your life are. What triggers fear, anger, resentment, frustration or any of the feelings that make you stressed/sick. Where does the STRESS originate from and how strong is the Stressor? To evaluate your stress source please complete the below activity.

  • Financial Stress? __low __med __high
  • Relationship Stress? __low __med __high
  • Social Leadership Stress? __low __med __high
  • Work Career Stress? __low __med __high
  • Spiritual Stress? __low __med __high
  • Mental Educational Stress? __low __med __high
  • Health Wellbeing Stress? __low __med __high


Lets say you have a high level of FINANCIAL STRESS . . . . . . Can you escape it by sitting in your meditation room or while dreaming positive thoughts? You may ignore the problem for a while and so reduce the stress BUT it comes back with vengeance when you step back into reality. With every bill you cannot pay, with every invoice in your mail, the STRESS returns with ever increasing force. “You can not run away from stress! You can only embrace and resolve it!”


Stress is an ever increasing motivation to change your beliefs and habits. The universe pushes you to embrace every part of your life and to get your … E.g. Finances / Relationships / Health …. in order. The more you resist, the harder the pressure becomes. The more you comply the pressure reduces.

Sticking with finances as an example, the lesson that you many need to learn are:

  • To change your believes about money (e.g. it's hard to come by, it does not grow on trees, it makes decadent, it's bad for the soul, only pimps and drug dealers have it, etc.)
  • That you learn how to earn a regular income and feel worthy of receiving it
  • To appreciate having money in your bank without the need to spend it.
  • That you learn how to invest wisely so that it starts working for you


To become STRESS FREE in any of the 7 areas of life you should:

  • Start with your most prominent STRESSOR (always take only one at a time) and look deeply into what this STRESS is motivating you to do/learn/change? Write a list of things that will help reduce the pressure.

Financial example:

  • Cancel all outgoing expenses that are not productive or necessary
  • Make a list of all expenses per month and look if they are proportional to your income
  • Sell what you don't use and put the money aside into a no touch savings account.
  • Stop spending money on unnecessary items that depreciate in value
  • Set up a regular transfer into a savings account and grow it until money starts working for you
  • Set a clear financial goal and develop a plan how to achieve it. What can I give in return for money.
  • Look for affiliate products you can promote to earn a good commissions
  • Look for a work that fits to your passion and start earning an income
  • Finish any education that may still be pending so that you can earn an income

Be as specific as you can and then tick off each point on your list once completed. With every point you solve your STRESS LEVEL will reduce and you move forward to being empowered and proficient in this area of life.

This form of dealing with STRESS will not only reduce it systematically but gets rid of it once and for all. There is no more need to ignore the problem or to think positive that a rich millionaire drops of a sack of gold at your doorstep. You learned to empower this area for yourself.

When you have learned this lesson there is no reason for you to be fearful, overwhelmed or stressed anymore and your life overall improves.

Dean Ornish showed that a patient who has learned to deal with life more successfully changes over 500 gene expressions including tumour suppressor genes. It's one of the most effective treatments to increase immune function and speed up healing.

If you need help with relationship stress, health stress, social stress or any other area of life, book a session with one of our health coaches or health practitioners. They are well educated to help you find the root cause of stress and know solutions to resolve it.

coach-practitionerAlternatively you can become a TRULY HEAL certified coach or health practitioner yourself and learn how to deal with life more successfully. Our functional medicine training does not only cover physical health but also deals with lifestyle choices, believes and mental blockades that prevent healing and success in life. This education adds much value to your whole future and speeds up your process of evolution many-fold.

Professional Functional Medicine App from TRULY HEALThe TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP also provides you with the information and tasks to begin resolving all stressors affecting the 7 areas of your life.

Become the master of your own destiny and take your health into your own hands.

Dealing with STRESS on a Physical Level

There are many factors that can contribute to stress outside of your mental and emotional situation. For example when you have a dysbiosis in the gut, important bacteria that produce neurotransmitters and amino acid precursors are deficient. This may results in depression, mood disorders, anxiety, fear, and brain fog. You are simply not capable to solve these imbalances by only addressing the psychological aspect of stress.

Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies leads to a lack of cofactors in hormonal and neurotransmitter production / function causing the same problems.

Your mood can also be influenced by food sensitivities, deficiencies, inflammation, allergies, toxins, infections, parasites and hormone imbalances.

You may have a COMT impairment which is a nutrigenomic impairment that prevents your body from effectively breaking down stress hormones.

Catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) is one of major enzymes that degrade catecholamines (stress hormones) such as dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. A polymorphism on COMT means lower COMT enzymatic activity, therefore higher dopamine levels; lower pain threshold and enhanced vulnerability to stress.

It is therefore very important to work with a very conscious and well educated coach or practitioner who can help you test these impairments and deficiencies and helps you to restore balance. This process of looking for the root cause of disease is not common in medicine but extremely effective because it resolves the problem once and for all.

Energy Medicine and Stress

There are a few tools which can help you slow down the pendulum of emotions. E-Motion = IN-Motion.

Your thoughts keep rotating around the same problem if you don't come to a conclusion / resolution. This produces a constant fight and flight response in your body with excess production of cortisol and adrenalin. Your repair mechanism, immune response and inner organs are slowing down while all energy is sent to your muscles and blood supply. This state is extremely unhealthy over a longer period of time. That's why TIME OUT is more than mandatory.

A 30 min treatment on a PEMF therapy pad is TIME OUT.

During the relaxing PEMF therapy your brain is allowed to relax and distress. The low frequencies of the treatment support the mental relaxation effect and work as a recharging therapy. PEMF operates on very low earth magnetic frequencies which strengthen each cell thereby calming the mind. These magnetic low frequencies are helpful in reducing pain and inducing deep regenerative sleep. They calm the nervous system, increase ATP production and DNA repair.

PEMF is by far the best tool to achieve fastest and most effective results. It helps your body to relax and to regenerate. We recommend the XPSE and the DCM3500 as best home devices as they both show very powerful therapeutic results in a very short time.

truly heal pemf dcm 3500

A 20 min Near Infrared Nasal treatment is also a TIME OUT

It calms your nervous system by affecting the hypothalamus and frontal lobe. It helps with nerve regeneration and has powerful effects on ATP production. Red blood cells are activated, which leads to an increased oxygen uptake supporting relaxation and regeneration.

The V-Light 810 can help to relieve the following conditions: Insomnia, Stress, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Schizophrenia, Migraine & Headaches, Stroke (Cerebral Infraction)

The 3rd device which is specifically designed for a TIME OUT is the TH-PRO.

The TH-PRO allows the user to go into Theta brain waves (complete relaxation) in seven minutes. It would take a Monk 30 years of dedicated training to reach the same relaxed brainwave state in such a short time. Listening only 20 minutes per day reduces stress, which is according to the National Institute of Health the cause of 90% of all illness. The TH-PRO also increases serotonin by 21% and endorphins by 25%.

Because the Theta brain wave state duplicates sleep the user also experiences the equivalent of 2 to 4 hours worth of sleep in only 20 minutes.

Stress is the conglomeration of psychological and physical attributes. The management of stress is a vital component of healing and maintaining true health. Addressing stress requires a multi directional approach that includes both the psychological alleviation of influences and physiological treatments to support the mind body connection. Health is not unidirectional and therefore treatment must support our whole being.

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