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The Truly Heal cancer guide is our contribution to your health. It is our intent to provide you with the most important steps required to prevent or reverse disease.

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The Truly Heal cancer guide is our contribution to your health. It is our intent to provide you with the most important steps required to prevent or reverse disease.

A positive outcome can only be achieved when You get directly involved in your own health.

This course is free of charge and a must-have reference for every one that wants to reverse or prevent cancer.

Health cannot be purchased and the doctor is not responsible for your health. YOU are in total command of your body. That is why this course was designed for YOU. Every video and every chapter will provide information that will help you to direct your doctor and your health care practitioner along a path of proven methods to optimum health.

There are 3 well known branches of medicine. The first one is what we call HOLISTIC MEDICINE. It covers every aspect of a human body, mind and spirit in order to find where the person is out of balance.

This approach is very successful as it does not focus on the symptom of disease like cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, MS, depression, and many other degenerative diseases, but it has the main focus on the whole person.

Every tiny problem that can be resolved will lead in the end to a better quality of life. The patient feels better and has a much greater chance to resolve any of these degenerative diseases long term and with no side effects.


Besides the holistic medicine there are the 2 opposing medical branches which are in an eternal battle with each other.

injection  Conventional   vs   Alternative  marijuana-icon

Both of them accuse each other of ignorance and greed and both can be held accountable for both of these traits.

Conventional medicine offers probably the most limited and narrow minded approach of both. As you can see from the image below are in conventional cancer treatments no other factors assessed or treated. The only approach is to “kill” the cancer and they do that with most aggressive and devastating weapons.

All of the other elements of TRUE HEALTH are completely ignored. In fact if they are addressed then only with medications to suppress the symptom.

Conventional Ignorance

Alternative medicine is probably not much better. In fact in many cases I see the same ignorance at play where remedies, ointments and treatments are promoted like hotcakes.

Patients are lured into clinics under the umbrella “alternative” and hope to get instead of the toxic chemo and radiation a rather non toxic treatment.  Unfortunately are many of these treatments rather expensive and have very little effect. The reason is that they also IGNOTRE the cause of the disease.

Due to the complexity of health many “alternative” clinics offer simply a fraction of what would be necessary to get YOU as a patient well. Some focus on diet and gut repair, others simply offer non toxic remedies and IV’s and others again help you to distress the mind with meditation and other tools that resolve trauma.

In the following series of videos you will see that we have taken the liberty to develop a rating system which will give you as a patient the ability to see why we have chosen some clinics as our raw models. These clinics offer everything there is on the menu in regards to health and have a very complex evaluation system.

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