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PEMF is the STAR

Yesterday during the workshop participants had the chance to look at their blood in a dark field microscope before and after a PEMF treatment and were really blown away by the results.
Most of the tested participants had massive coin rolls, signs of significant deficiency, high inflammation markers as well as quasi inactive, compressed and frozen white blood cells. No movement, no activity! If an immune system is in such a state, it can not perform even the smallest of tasks, not to mention chase and eliminate cancer cells.


Arcadia Plan

21 Day CLINIC RETREAT in Germany

FINALLY!!!! The dates for the next 21 Day Clinic Retreat in the brand new TRULY HEAL clinic in Bad Emstal Germany were just confirmed. The architect has given us green light for the 29th of June until the 19th of July.

This will be the start of a new era of holistic healing. The Arcadia Clinic has implemented the TRULY HEAL program in it’s complete form and offers state of the art health-care and health education in a stunning environment.

Everything that can support your healing is designed into a powerful 21 day clinic program.




CANCER is curable NOW has a new face and a lot more content!

After almost 3 years of rejection by large distribution companies we have finally changed the look and name of the bestselling documentary and have added a lot more content. In the new movie you will find all causes leading to cancer. Each cause can be removed one after the other. Many more treatments and protocols have been added into this new edition helping you to prevent or stop cancer from growing.




Today I have put together a shopping list with products that are all VERY important. They all play a vital role in keeping you well and help you to recover from disease. During every workshop I am asked which supplements we recommend and this is the first lot that will play a vital role to…



Happy Birthday Marcus

On March the 10th I jumped into a fountain of youth at Juniper Springs in Florida, only to find out that it did not work. I still turned one year older on that day and celebrated with Manuel my 54th birthday in the middle of alligators and turtles.  What a beautiful experience. Especially as I…




Today I would like to introduce a nutritional food supplement known as Salvestrol.  Salvestrol is a natural, non-toxic  phytonutrient; manufactured and derived from bitter tasting plants, that offers a……….. Side Effect – Free Cancer Therapy. Never heard of Salvestrol? Well it’s not a new discovery. As a matter of fact it has been known for…




I am filming a new documentary while traveling through the United States and need YOU to share your passion for life and your motivation to truly heal for the new movie: Let me tell you what motivates me to make this new movie: One of the most common sentences I hear from cancer patients is…