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The Real Truth

The doctor is three hours late. Mom is wearing a hospital gown and lying uncomfortably on an examination table. My sister Lynn sits on the only chair in the room. Debbie, the oldest sibling, leans against the bed. I pace back and forth in the small, narrow space and hug my sweater tight against my…



Sleeping Your Way to Better, Smarter Health

We’ve established that sleep is absolutely essential for taking care of our physical bodies. But did you know how important sleep is for your mind as well? Most of us have gotten a poor’s night sleep and woken up with a clouded mind the next day. You may find that you are unable to think clearly and are slower in your reaction time. This is because our minds need sleep just as much as do our bodies.

Sleep helps our memory immensely in two different ways.


bees dead


Obama’s emergency order also shockingly states that the number of bee colonies in the United States has declined from 6 million in 1947 to 2.5 million today, and with pollinators such as bees having such a profound economic impact as they contribute more than $24 billion dollars to the US economy could lead to an agricultural apocalypse for America should they disappear entirely.



Workshop Feedback & Testimonials

This was an amazing tour through the USA. Just a few more weeks filled with interviews and then we are heading back. What an adventure. We met so many extraordinary people on this tour that it’s hard to even imagine it’s over.

The last event in Livermore was very uplifting. We had completely sold out and had even more people coming than anticipated.



The Smart Life Forum in Palo Alto

In order to heal CANCER you have to remove everything from your life that makes you sick.

The process is very simple. All you need to do is to find, identify and then remove all those things that burden your immune system and lower your quality of life. As soon as you do you feel better, your life excells and your immune system can do what it’s designed to do. It protects you.

In the following video you will see a list of threats that need to be addressed.


Get your own FREE TRULY HEAL cancer guide!


We are dedicated to help you!

For the past decade since we launched “MAXawareness” as a free resource for cancer patients and made the movie “CANCER is curable NOW” we have been working with many cancer patients and the questions, worries and fears have always been the same.

There is so much insecurity, misinformation, and hype that most patients feel overwhelmed.



Don’t Mess with TEXAS!

Over the past few weeks I have visited a lot of alternative clinics and without naming anyone in particular I have to say I am depressed and frustrated about the limitations these doctors have to operate in. They can hardly offer the basics without getting into trouble.

Most clinics simply offer IV treatments to complement the side effects of conventional treatments and add a bit of UV light, but I have not seen a single clinic that offers a “HOLISTIC” program that incorporates everything a patient needs. Education, detoxification, supplementation, gut repair, anti viral treatments, food sensitivity test, anti cancer treatments and most of all lifestyle training to help keep the cancer away. The subject of emotional and spiritual support is usually not touched at all.